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Seems intriguing. An email I received a while back said Spring 2018.

Any news on... Soonmoo the cat?
Soonmoo Cat

Really looking forward to this! If you plan to release a beta version, I'm totally in for testing!

Thanks. I stopped adding people for the moment so I can get other things done but, please stay tuned for the next phase.

So ready for this!~ Hope it comes out soon so I can play with it while quarantined!

Same here, really want to hear some sound !

I don't know how specific you want to get, but a while back you described Sumu as being additive meets FM. Since it'll be additive, will Sumu be capable of resynthesis?

Yes it will! Resynthesis with a very modular approach in between analysis and playback, so that the information of "what are all the partial volumes" for example can be patches to other things as well.

Great! Thanks. I love taking non-electronic instrument timbres and tweaking them, to get sounds that some instrumentalists get from using what they call extended techniques. Unusual but also organic.

are you looking for any more beta testers?

I might put out another call but I'm focusing on getting something out to test—please stay tuned.

Please count me in if you're looking for more beta testers, I've been really looking forward to try it since its first announcement!

well if you need an additional beta tester,,, let me know

Looking forward to the new instrument - seems like it will be a really good one!

I’m happy to help you test the beta!

I may make the beta group bigger before the release—please stay tuned!

I'm here for ya Randy!

If you do end up making it bigger I'd love to be included.

count me in if you like!

Thank you. I'll put out another call via the newsletter.

I would love to test it as well. Have every Madrona Labs plug and been awaiting this forever! :)

Very excited to have a play with this. Lockdown gave me some time to experiment with Spear/Audiosculpt and OpenMusic and to try some spectral analysis re-synthesis work. Can’t want to try Sumu - I’m sure it’ll be a much more satisfying experience to work with. Exciting!

In case you're not on the Madrona Labs mailing list, Randy says that things are going well with Sumu and there will be news in January. Now there's a great Christmas gift!

I've finished a bunch of under-the-hood code that I need to implement my design for Sumu. This is what I can roll out right now, and so I'm updating Aaltoverb with some of the new features to get it tested more and show it off. Sumu release is a little way off yet but I'm full speed ahead on it. Especially with 2020 behind us.

Great news, just bought Virta to push the work a bit...; - )

Thanks for your support! I promise to spend it on coffee

So excited to have a play with Sumu!

looks like there won't be any updates in January. really hate to be that type of person but "are we there yet"? no pressure/rush. just curious to learn a tiny bit more about Sumu.

We are not there yet, but getting close. What I said in the newsletter was, I'll be showing off some new features made possible by my new plugin framework. Nothing about a finished Sumu, which is still a little ways off, but I hope you'll enjoy seeing these new LFO / MIDI learn features.

I wonder if Sumu will be similar to Iris which is what my mind jumps to when I hear spectral

From looking at Iris just now, my reaction is: not very similar. It will be semi-modular like my other synths, for starters.