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Same here, really want to hear some sound !

Oh yeah !

Ok, after some search, i looks like to work with upper buffer : 64samples, but not with 32 samples, which is a bit anoying, as i got double latence on my system, any tought ?

I am on windows but got some problem with Aalto 1.7.

Config : Bitwig 1.1.10, W7 64Bits.

When i had note on the editor, some are played, some not, and sometime it just lock on a sustained note.

Setting are the default with no sustain, and release. i tried changing the number of voice but it changed nothing.

I had no problem with previous version of Aalto before.

Is it possible to get a link for the 1.6.

I also noticed some crackle on the sound which i haven't before

Hello, just a question about the phase of the oscs,

Are the phase restarted on every midi note or not ?

i think it is not, but i want to be sure.

Thanks for your help !

By the way Aalto is awesome !