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Hi Randy. Working great and sounding great.

I do get a crash every time when attempting to import a previously created JSON of partials. (v0.9.4)

Out of interest is Sumu going to work with both noise bandwidth and phase or this for completeness when using other additive targets?

Interesting to see that time data points are specific to a single partial rather than time slices across all partials. I'm trying to cajole the data to work with sinusoids~ in Max but it has to be resampled to work in slices.

Excited to hear how Sumu sounds.


Excited!............ :-)

Can't wait to give Sumu a spin! Very exciting!

Amazing! Can’t wait to play with this!

Will the partials file import be in proprietary format or simple text that can potentially be outputted from OpenMusic or SPEAR?

Very excited to get my hands on Sumu!!!

So excited to have a play with Sumu!

Very excited to have a play with this. Lockdown gave me some time to experiment with Spear/Audiosculpt and OpenMusic and to try some spectral analysis re-synthesis work. Can’t want to try Sumu - I’m sure it’ll be a much more satisfying experience to work with. Exciting!