Studio Bundle


The Studio Bundle includes all the software we make for a single low price.

Aalto: Our West Coast friend, still charming as ever
Aaltoverb: Stretchable spaces for performance
Kaivo: Granular meets physical modeling
Sumu: Our latest and greatest, additive + FM synth
Virta: Our unique voice-controlled synth + effect unit

Get all of these unique and innovative instruments in the Studio Bundle for a total price of just $379. That’s 30% off the total retail price, the biggest discount we will ever offer. And enough different kinds of synthesis to keep your studio buzzing with new ideas for a long time.

The Studio Bundle purchase includes licenses for Aalto, Aaltoverb, Kaivo, Sumu and Virta, for both Mac OS and Windows. Purchasing the bundle will create a license key for each instrument that you get get from the “My Licenses” page after logging into your account. To register any plugin, just copy the key and then click in the plugin’s registration area.

Already have one or more instruments? Not to worry. Just log in and add the bundle to your cart to see our partial bundle offers at checkout. With thanks for your support.

Buy a license: $379.00

The purchase price includes a license for both Mac OS and Windows.

Your purchase will create a license key that you can get from the "My licenses" page after logging in. To register your plugin, just copy the key and then click in the plugin’s registration area.

More info

Here's how bundle discounts for existing license holders are calculated:

  • Each major product you own - Aalto, Kaivo, Virta, or Sumu - adds a 20% discount to the bundle price
  • Aaltoverb does not apply towards the discount
  • Licenses that were gifted, transferred, or purchased at an educational discount do not count towards the bundle discount

Please also note that due to Sumu's discounted price during the early access period, if you already own all of our other products (thank you!), then the cheapest way for you to get Sumu is to buy it directly while it's still in early access. Once Sumu 1.0 is released and selling at full price, a discount will be available by purchasing through the bundle.

For info on fulfillment, licensing, transfers, and returns, please visit our policies page.