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/I'm aware that such questions make me a douche but are we close yet?

@randy it worked! thank you so much! loving the interface and can't wait to check out sumu /no rush tho

@randy hi there! there's no license file - just a folder with presets. when I pasted the key text today I got this message: "sorry, there was an error writing the license please contact for help" even tho the plugin appears to be "registered" and i've managed to save a preset. weird.

one thing that might help - yesterday i've installed the updated aaltoverb and registered it but then i had to reset my computer and re-install everything. so technically atm i'm trying to register a second copy. not sure if it helps.


excited to check out the updated version but there's a problem- after i paste the licence key the plugin says that its registered but when i re-load the plugin it goes back to unregistered demo.

m1, monterey, ableton 11.

looks like there won't be any updates in January. really hate to be that type of person but "are we there yet"? no pressure/rush. just curious to learn a tiny bit more about Sumu.