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Any news on... Soonmoo the cat?
Soonmoo Cat

nice sleuthing. thanks for sharing the journey with us.

Nice podcast episode.

  • It makes sense that Aalto could function as a gateway drug to hardware modular
  • Need to read the Madrona manual-- I have some friends that have been asking for a resource like this as well
  • Must spend more time with Virta
  • Now I want a Soundplane as well


In the course of regular site development tasks, I made a mistake that nuked forum posts that were created Friday January 18th, 2019.

While working to shuffle some production data to the staging server for testing, I accidentally restored a database backup to the production server. The backup snapshot was created at 6 am today. Unfortunately this means any forum activity today was irretrievably nuked.

Sorry we lost your posts. I hope you can remember the things that you said that were important.

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