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Great first attempt on a fx-unit. Great sound.
I miss 2 things;

a) the ability to pay using Paypal (can't buy it now, weird)
b) a modulation knob on the reverb (speed and depth)

Thanks for writing! Modulation is a fine idea. Maybe in the future if this thing catches on.

I'm interested to hear why a card is worse than PayPal for you or what's not working. If you don't want to discuss it in the comments please email me at thanks.

Well, i don't use a card. So yeah...paypal is a great, easy and fast way to pay for vst's

If you like, I'll be happy to send a $ request through PayPal so you can pay that way and I'll make your license manually. Let me know.



Done! :D

I sent the license key to your gmail. :-)

regarding the 'metal' requirement for OS X version... is this something that will be a requirement on future products and/or updates of existing products? my laptop is 2011 and won't support metal/mojave. it works great though and i have no plans to replace it any time soon.

i put a metal capable video card in my 2010 desktop so it's good to go and I'll check out altoverb on the desktop asap.

congrats on the new verb!

Yeah, this Metal thing is annoying, as my main music computer doesn't support it. I was going to buy the plug-in until i saw that. Makes me wonder about future compatibility of updates to Madrona software i already own, and Sumu, which i was looking forward to trying out...

Hi Randy,
I think Modulation Options would be great and I do think a pre-delay Option should be there in any case. It´s a Standard for decades and an essential part for a reverb unit.

Paypal. Yes, should be there. I don´t like to type in all my Card Details. PayPal is a Standard too and it´s a very nice and easy way to Exchange Money on the Internet.

I got all your Plugins but have to pay the full Price for the new reverb. That means a new customer, who buys more than one plugin now has a better Standing then an old loyal customer who already bought everything. That´s not so good I think.

Thanks Randy , lovely!

I have an early 2011 Macbook Pro... I am very sad that I can't purchase Aaltoverb because I think it's a wonderful effect.

I've been waiting for a 64 bit Aaltoverb for years and like many here I was bummed out when I realized I can't use it on Mavericks.
The reality of the matter though is that Madrona is a small company. This isn't Waves or Brainworx. For them to support a 6 year old OS and and 8 year old hardware means investing resources that they might not have.
Sucks for us, but I don't think there's much they can do. Other than taking it into consideration in case Aaltoverb becomes a hit. =)

I also never owned a credit card (as I really never needed one because of PayPal) and I was quite shocked seeing PayPal removed from the payment options. I bought everything from Madrona Labs including the t-shirt via PayPal and of course I wanted to purchase Aaltoverb today, too. Glad to see there is an option via personal PayPal request. I've send a mail to the support! And yeah... some modulation options like a lfo or envelope follower would be nice!

I wouldn´t like many more controls, I like how clean it is. It can be modulated pretty easily in Live at least. Speaking about that, I think I found a bug. I have testing it in Live, and I started a track where is modulated by 3 Lfos and 1 envelope follower. When I stop playing audio stops from the plugin the next time I hit play. In order to make it sound again I have to deactivate and activate the plugin.

Metal: I'm truly sorry to leave anyone out of the fun, for now. Apple is going to be requiring Metal in the near future and I'm looking towards that future with new products. After all this time I'm still just one person coding, with a limited capacity to support different APIs that come down the road and multiple ones at once.

Having said that I will look at adding OpenGL support for older Macs when I have a chance. It shouldn't be too difficult, but I do need a break first!

If anyone wants to purchase by PayPal, just send me an email and I'll send you a money request.

If you were used to PayPal, all you see from your end now that we've moved to Stripe is "PayPal’s gone!" But from my end, things are much easier with Stripe because having a credit card is a much more common thing in the world than having a PayPal account. And I saw many many requests on my end from people who didn't want to or were unable to make PayPal accounts. Ideal would be to support both, but, that is more complicated.

@fernando carvalho can you please send me an email about this bug with a few more details including your OS and Live versions? Thank you.

Congratulations with the new plugin. I’m one of those who won’t miss PayPal and welcome credit card payment.

Looking forward to playing with it.

The release of Aaltoverb was a really nice surprise! I couldn't wait to get home and play with it :)

I tested the demo to make sure it works on my setup and snapped it up right after that! I think the price is very fair.

I'm super excited about Sumu, personally I would prefer to wait for a product you're happy releasing than a product you rushed out of the door. I wonder if we'll get any screenshot or audio previews before release. Are you're still planning on doing a beta? I'd like to try making a One Synth Challenge track with it once it's released!

Btw, the UI for Aaltoverb is super snappy and scales really nicely, I made it as big as I could and am having fun with the super large knobs. It's amazing the varieties of sounds you can get, especially when modulating the size knob! It has a super smooth modulation, and will no doubt be really great for all sorts of creative sound design.

(I'm using FL 64bit on a 2nd Gen i7 with Windows 10)


first time poster here ;-)

wow! that's a nice one! congratulations!

love it's simplicity
and it's full of wonderful easy to find sweet hotspots

very interesting and nice and useful filter

something i'm missing and would love to see:

a way of fine tuning the controls
i.e.: modifierkey-drag for sub- and superfine tuning

like for example option-drag or shift-drag for subdecimal values

especially i love the decay sub 1.0 sounds
would be cool, if it could be finetunes in the .000x range

this sub 1.0 sound do get quite in karplus-strong territory...

...which would lead to the next idea:
a sidechain mechanism for playing the decay with midinotes
(like there is in u-he's colourcopy for example)

another idea:
some sort of pitch dedection to drive the decay value
could make some kind of vocoder

modulation? yes! the more the better
though it would drive away from its simple gui

but i could already see it in the beloved madronalabs double-pane window
where the lower pane has all sorts of modulation capabilities with nice patchcables :-)

and yes, metoo prefers paypal...

Thanks for the thoughts and nice feedback!

Shift-drag does do a much higher precision drag than the numbers are capable of showing in some cases.

I've thought about more modulation options in the future.

Please send me an email if you want to pay by PayPal and I'll send you a funds request.

take all the breaks you need Randy! all work and no play something something something... i'm looking forward to whatever comes down the pike from Madrona Labs and will roll w/the punches as best i can. i have one metal capable mac and one that's frozen in place w/High Sierra. so, i can have half the fun at least ;) oh, nice Tshirt btw. i follow leafcutter john and his plotter artwork is really good so i'm glad to have the tshirt available.

Really glad to see AaltoVerb out , sounds really nice,
a bit disappointed i can't use it on my Mac bookPro 2015 / yosemite, happily works on my Mac Mini 2012 !?
mail sent about Paypal request too ;-)

shift-drag! yes! thank you :-)

couldn't find it in the manual...

imho still a little bit too coarse, especially in the 1.0 - 0,01 range...

in re metal:
a +1 metoo for a (seperate) non-metal version
my mini 2011 with mountail lion would be so happy :-))

even fixed size would be fine with me
or 3 optional sizes, like u-he oder unfilteredaudio is doing it

another thing i might find useful:
a stereo/mono knob to narrow the stereowidth

Nice to hear from all of you. We’ve been in this together a while now :-)

Wait @tikitpok how did you even end up with a 2015 MPB with 10.10? ... Oh, I see 10.11 was released mid-2015.

@muki I hear the feedback about the dragging being coarse! And yeah I forgot to do a section on "dials, general" in the manual—have to fix that

Enjoy your Sunday!

Plus one on the Metal problem. You might want to restrict the installer for older machines because I hadn't noticed the requirements. I was able to install it on my 2010 Mac Pro running High Sierra. The AU screwed up Ableton Live 10 in a way I'd never seen before. Some things worked and some things froze, including the quite button. The vst3 ran without GUI so I could audition it and control with my Push 2. Sounded great.
I totally get the support issues. I would not want to be in your shoes. So much fun creating and developing the software, so much more grief and suffering supporting it.

Sorry for the confusion with the installer. I had hoped to restrict it to require Metal but that's not working.

Don't worry, there's grief and suffering in developing the software too! :-)

I tested Aaltoverb and it's a really nice tool. But , honestly, comparing to what you can find in the market (e.g klevgränd reverbs and some others), I believe it's too expensive considering the limited controls it offers. I'm also a bit a bit surpised that loyal customers didn't received any discount price. All that made me not buying it, I'm sorry. Butt I'm still waiting for Sumu with love : )

I wish it had modulation patching so we could modulate parameters with lfo, audio input (like virta). I think it would make it much more interesting and fun. The sound quality is there. I’ve just been spoiled by modulation.

Modulation would be welcome.

A pre-delay buttom should be added.

Hi Randy, Any news about a version of Aaltoverb for older "no-Metal" Macs?