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Any update on when we may get this fix? The last few times I used Kaivo I noticed a bunch of my presets don't make any sound and I figured out it's because I was using the sequence retrigger. I found this is also affecting Aalto.

In Kaivo - with gate going to sequencer reset and loop disabled the sequencer doesn't retrigger.
In Aalto - with the key trig enabled but loop disabled the sequencer doesn't retrigger.
I noticed in both that the retrigger works with loop enabled but doesn't retrigger when loop is disabled.

I'm still eagerly waiting to get my hands on Sumu, and understand if you're waiting to get that out of the door before fixing this bug.

(Windows 10, x64, FL Studio and Bitwig)

The release of Aaltoverb was a really nice surprise! I couldn't wait to get home and play with it :)

I tested the demo to make sure it works on my setup and snapped it up right after that! I think the price is very fair.

I'm super excited about Sumu, personally I would prefer to wait for a product you're happy releasing than a product you rushed out of the door. I wonder if we'll get any screenshot or audio previews before release. Are you're still planning on doing a beta? I'd like to try making a One Synth Challenge track with it once it's released!

Btw, the UI for Aaltoverb is super snappy and scales really nicely, I made it as big as I could and am having fun with the super large knobs. It's amazing the varieties of sounds you can get, especially when modulating the size knob! It has a super smooth modulation, and will no doubt be really great for all sorts of creative sound design.

(I'm using FL 64bit on a 2nd Gen i7 with Windows 10)

Congrats on launching the new site, looks great!
I'm really excited to see a page for Sumu, hoping that's an indication that it's not long till the first beta is released!

I can understand staying in your own world while designing (maybe to avoid unintentionally lifting features/design or limiting your vision based on what others have done before etc.). Most of the synths I mentioned are a bit obscure, additive seems to be a less common synthesis technique.

Looking forward to the Sumu beta test - is it going to be open to all, or closed to Madrona Labs license holders?

Has there been any audio teasers, or glimpses at the UI yet?

Thank you for the summer sale! I ended up getting all 3.
Definitely a smart move to update them before doing the sale.

Looking forward to hearing more about Sumu, I've already got some ideas running through my head. Like whether it might have re-synthesis from audio or images like Harmour - with different accuracy levels this could be fun to play with and would give us a way to chain the different Madrona synths together by importing the results from Aalto or Kaivo into Sumu.

One recent additive snyth that has FM is Aeolean Meditation, definitely curious how you'll implement FM with additive because I imagine the result will be quite different. I also recently discovered that you can FM any audio using Unfiltered Audio's Fault plugin (presets like Degraded Dreams are a quick way to give some space and movement to a sound).

Definitely curious about Sumu because additive synths tend to vary wildly from experimental/morphing style of Loom & Morphine to the subtractive approach taken for Harmless and Harmour. I'm imagining Sumu would be more like the former.

Btw, in the manual for Sumu, maybe you could explain the difference between additive, spectral and FFT because they appear to be related/similar when I see them in virtual instruments.

Anyway, I'm getting a bit carried away. I have more than enough to play with to tide me over until there's some news! :D