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just got it. it sounds amazing. really nice. different. and rich. can't wait to spend more time with it. congrats on release Randy! also, FYI i launched VUTU and it took priority of audio away from everything on my computer and i couldn't get any sound until i quit VUTU. no biggie just mentioning it in case someone else has same problem. anyway, SUMU sounds wonderful. really stoked to have it and hear what it can do. Nice manual also. nice presets too.

just got SUMU was happily playing around, it sounds amazing, and launched vutu and was messing w/some partials.. then went back to logic to mess with SUMU some more.. imported partials. all worked well. took a break, came back and all sound was dead on laptop.. couldn't figure it out. quit out of everything and forgot VUTU was in the background. VUTU had taken over all sound on the laptop. took priority. once i quit it all was fine. just an FYI in case someone else has the experience. VUTU wants priority of audio and will killed audio to everything else on M1, Sonoma.

wow! sounds fascinating. can't wait to hear it. looks great btw.

take all the breaks you need Randy! all work and no play something something something... i'm looking forward to whatever comes down the pike from Madrona Labs and will roll w/the punches as best i can. i have one metal capable mac and one that's frozen in place w/High Sierra. so, i can have half the fun at least ;) oh, nice Tshirt btw. i follow leafcutter john and his plotter artwork is really good so i'm glad to have the tshirt available.

regarding the 'metal' requirement for OS X version... is this something that will be a requirement on future products and/or updates of existing products? my laptop is 2011 and won't support metal/mojave. it works great though and i have no plans to replace it any time soon.

i put a metal capable video card in my 2010 desktop so it's good to go and I'll check out altoverb on the desktop asap.

congrats on the new verb!

congrats! $600 is a steal. i recently bought a 2010 mac pro 12 core with warranty because new mac pro is dumb and this way i get more longevity out of my non-thunderbolt peripherals. Hopefully this means i can weather (sit on the side lines during) the next several years of apple confusion.

would it be possible to be able to select models/samples w/arrows similarly to the way presets can be "arrowed" through? instead of having to click to open up menus/windows? little arrows to left/right of the granulator/resonator/body sections would be great.

it'd speed up experimentation when trying out different combinations.

no complaints otherwise. enjoy this synth so much... can't wait for whatever comes next.

double yoink! thanks. great looking T

any chance of getting a panic button in Aalto. i get some stuck notes now and then and it'd be great to have a panic button or clear all notes kind function. using Aalto in audiomulch being triggered by numerology VST version. some plug ins have that function and many hosts.

anyway - still really digging Aalto btw. never fails to surprise/impress :)

where can i get the update? :)

edit: oh, friday june 10th. :)

awesome! love the verb. thank you!

awesome new additions and fixes. the spread sheet is a nice way to see what's going on. looking forward to the update.

i had to force Aalto to work in logic w/the non-demo version as well. it failed validation but works fine in logic.

i posted in the other thread but might as well do it here as well.

aalto doesn't pass the AU validation for logic though works fine once you force it to validate.

also, it sounds friggin amazing and the GUI is inspiring and fun. well done!

HI - just downloaded the demo of Alto and it failed AU validation in Logic 9.1.1 OSX 10.5.8

edit: i forced it to run and seems to be doing just fine and it sounds INCREDIBLE. i'm blown away. the gui is a thing of beauty and it is soooo fast to get around on. great job!!!!

i think they delayed it until the 13th to work on some CPU efficiency things.. or so i read...

can't ask for anything better than that. thanks!

will the user license allow for install on more than one computer? so i can install on the laptop and on the desktop? i have mac and windows machine will i be able to install on both machines w/one license?

also, what form of copy protection will be used?

the youtube demo sounds really great. can't wait to check it out depending on the answers to the questions above of course.