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Sumu. It's Finnish for “fog.” Think warped partials in space. Voices become bubbling rivers. Trees of mystery.

Sumu will be the next and final plugin in the patcher-in-the-middle format that Madrona Labs introduced with Aalto way back in 2010. Technically speaking, it will be a spectral analyser/synthesizer, which is a useful complement to the other kind of synthesis in our instruments. Where granular synthesis as implemented in Kaivo lets you decompose a sound into vertical segments (grains) each capturing an instant of the whole sound, a spectral decomposition as used in Sumu does very much the opposite, tracking individual sine wave partials of a sound horizontally through time.

Working with spectral data in a patchable environment has long been limited to the users of more general-purpose tools like Kyma and Max/MSP. With Sumu we’re providing a fixed set of modules that work in harmony together to make spectral sculpting a breeze.

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