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(Sorry if this has already been requested but I'm not finding a search feature.)

I use a trackpad and getting exact values in the Aalto parameters drives me nuts. Even holding the SHIFT key for fine detail is difficult, and more often than not I click a little too high which jumps to the next detent. There's no way I could use this in a live performance environment.

Ableton Live's Operator is a good example of how to implement a click & type interface.

Love the product overall, just would love to see a couple interface tweaks.

I understand about this issue and will be adding some kind of "fine adjust" capability.

It sounds like maybe you are not using the relative (non-jumping) mode though? You can shift-drag any dial from a point outside the "track" (over the number is good) to adjust smoothly from the current location.

I made the combination of "jumping" and smooth dragging with live performance in mind.

I am using the SHIFT-drag, but it's a pretty small target window to click without accidentally clicking too high and activating the detent jump... which is maddening. (Come to think of it, holding SHIFT while dragging should disable the detent jump entirely -- if you're holding SHIFT, you definitely want to relative adjust and not jump to detents.)

But really just adding the ability to click the number and type it directly is what this should be. That's what Ableton Live does on all its knob controls: click the number, it turns into an input field with the current value populated, and allows keyboard input... hit ENTER to confirm or ESC to cancel. screenshot:

If I want to specify "500", I just want to type "500". I don't want to go futzing with a dial: 518...470...dammit...492...498..almost there...505...crap...440..OHDAMMITIHITTHEDETENT!!...try again...477......

Granted, it's probably easier with a mouse, but I'm trackpad only, as will be most live performers.

Always throught the same thing(s) about Kaivo! Also, because of that, I rarely use 'in-between'-values (that require the shift button). It's unpleasant to use this way, or feels finnicky, don't know how to describe it better. Typing in numbers would be swell.

I vote for this one as well.

A workaround for Ableton Live: