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@dawbakhos: Try switching body to 'none', then turn the plug-in off and back on (?). This isn't a fix, but it might point to the same bug I struggle with.

Hi Randy,

I've this problem with Kaivo sometimes where it doesn't output any sound if a Body is used. Turning the plugin off, body off, and plugin back on, fixes it, but only until I try to use the section again. Of course I can't say WHEN it decides to do that and why.

Drrrn. It's still doing that after the update to 1.3.1. Restarting the DAW helps sometimes, but it's unpredictable. I'm guessing it's the same problem for the guy who says Kaivo stops producing sounds when he switches presets .. the presets with body active do that. Sometimes.

I'll use Kaivo in a live setting tomorrow, fingers crossed it won't fvcker with me then.

Always throught the same thing(s) about Kaivo! Also, because of that, I rarely use 'in-between'-values (that require the shift button). It's unpleasant to use this way, or feels finnicky, don't know how to describe it better. Typing in numbers would be swell.