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(Sorry if this has already been requested but I'm not finding a search feature.)

I use a trackpad and getting exact values in the Aalto parameters drives me nuts. Even holding the SHIFT key for fine detail is difficult, and more often than not I click a little too high which jumps to the next detent. There's no way I could use this in a live performance environment.

Ableton Live's Operator is a good example of how to implement a click & type interface.

Love the product overall, just would love to see a couple interface tweaks.

Yeah, that'd actually be better. (I was having trouble visualizing a clean layout for the wires to the preset "module".) Or maybe a double-click on the parameter title to lock -- real clean on the interface and quick to execute. (Gotta keep the menus to a minimum for live performance ease of use.) Maybe make the dial outline red, and/or with a little padlock icon, to indicate it's locked. Could even double-click on the module title to lock the whole module in one shot. Then a menu item in the Settings menu for "Unlock All Parameters".

I generally use a different scale than '12-equal', and I'd like to be able to set Aalto to default to that scale rather than fish through the KEY menus every time to change it. This could be implemented via the Settings icon to the upper right.

Thanks for considering it. Alternate scales are quickly becoming more popular, and this would position Aalto to capitalize on this trend. (I bought Aalto largely because it accepts Scala files.)

(This is related to my request for a way to user-designate the default scale.)

I generally use my own scale, but I can't scroll through your cool list of presets without it resetting the KEY to '12-equal' or whatever that preset uses. Could you add the ability to 'disconnect' the KEY module from the preset?

Come to think of it, that'd be pretty neat to be able to disconnect any module from the preset -- maybe just re-imagine the preset area as another module and add some connectors? Would be killer to be able to scroll through presets and have certain modules stay the same. Easy way to add some flexibility via a relatively simple interface change.

I am using the SHIFT-drag, but it's a pretty small target window to click without accidentally clicking too high and activating the detent jump... which is maddening. (Come to think of it, holding SHIFT while dragging should disable the detent jump entirely -- if you're holding SHIFT, you definitely want to relative adjust and not jump to detents.)

But really just adding the ability to click the number and type it directly is what this should be. That's what Ableton Live does on all its knob controls: click the number, it turns into an input field with the current value populated, and allows keyboard input... hit ENTER to confirm or ESC to cancel. screenshot:

If I want to specify "500", I just want to type "500". I don't want to go futzing with a dial: 518...470...dammit...492...498..almost there...505...crap...440..OHDAMMITIHITTHEDETENT!!...try again...477......

Granted, it's probably easier with a mouse, but I'm trackpad only, as will be most live performers.

Hi, I'm not finding a /Library/Audio/Presets directory, let alone a /Library/Audio/Presets/Madrona Labs/Scales directory. Maybe something has changed in either Aalto or OSX?

My /Library/Audio dir has only subdirectories:

  • Apple Loops
  • Apple Loops Index
  • MIDI Configurations
  • MIDI Devices
  • MIDI Drivers
  • MIDI Patch Names
  • Plug-ins
  • Sounds

I've pawed through em all, and Aalto.vst is under Plug-ins/VST -- but no "scales" dir to be found.

Any ideas? I know it's around here somewhere...


OSX 10.10.2 Yosemite
Aalto 1.7

That's where it was hiding! Yes, the manual needs a tweak. Thanks for the help -- loving this thing.