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Just tried Aaltoverb 2 and I feel exactly like Peter in the original post: IMHO, Aaltoverb 2 GUI need to be improved a little (especially the preset browser). This seems important to me because I suspect the forthcoming Aalto, Kaivo and Virta GUI updates will be based on the ideas collected when developing Aaltoverb 2.

Hello, Randy!

Just noticed, that patches in Aalto/Kaivo/Virta patch list are not sorted. This is not a problem, when there are only 10-20 patches in a folder, but it is not easy to find a patch when there are, say, 50 or 100 of them.

Here is a screenshot:

Please, consider sorting patches in patch list alphabetically by default in the future versions.

Thank you!

Thanks for the interesting patches.
JFYI: looks like the patch '130125-1' is posted twice (instead of '130120_4').

Hello, Randy!

Please, can you do something with the dial controls (Aalto, Kaito and your future projects) to support Retina resolution? Here is a screenshot of the current state:

I'm not sure if it is visible enough, but the dial controls are rather blurry and pixellated comparing to other UI elements.

Sorry, Randy, I don't wanted to sound rude. Just wanted to draw your attention. OpenGL sounds perfect.

Hello, Randy!

It's almost a year since I have reported two annoying Aalto issues:
1) impossible to use computer MIDI keyboard import
2) disappearing patch menu issue
Both of the issues were reported in March 2014. You have reproduced both and answered: "I am working on updates for both Aalto and Kaivo to ship ASAP. This is an important issue."

Then you said: "This is fixed for the next update." in May 2014
Then you wrote: "I'm on a push to get this out within the next couple of weeks." in September 2014

So, January 2015 is at the end, and the issues are not yet fixed (With many other issues reported on this forum)... ;(
Or, they are fixed, but the build with fixes is not yet released to public.

I'm pretty sure you are busy enough crafting Soundplane and developing another member of Aalto/Kaivo family. There is no doubt: new Aalto/Kaivo release will not disappoint us adding new features, but why don't you release quick bug fix builds (without adding new features)? Why there were no, say, 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 builds before 1.6?

If there is a reason for this? Why should we wait for a year for bug fixes?

Thank you!

Randy, thank you for your prompt reply and (especialy) for taking the points of my message into account.

Great sounds, garf! Especially leggit and deep rubber bends. Thanks for sharing!


Kaivo 1.1 VST sample import utility does not display all of the multi-channels.
Here is a screenshot when trying to import the default "fm cloud.wav", which has four channels of audio:

(Mac OS X 10.10.1, Kaivo 1.1 VST, Ableton Live 9.1.6 x64)


Kaivo 1.1 VST does not display Cyrillic characters in file name. Here are several screenshots:

  1. When importing sample:
  2. When loading preset:

It's interesting, that Aalto 1.5 VST does display these file names correctly:

(Mac OS X 10.10.1, Kaivo 1.1 VST, Ableton Live 9.1.6 x64)

Thanks for sharing! These are a very good starting point for building your own multichannel sample library.
Quick question: which audio editor were you using to combine mono audio tracks to one multichannel audio file? Audacity?

It is impossible to use computer MIDI keyboard with Aalto/Kaivo, when VST GUI is visible and active (it seems, the GUI just 'eats' the key strokes). Computer MIDI keyboard works only when Aalto/Kaivo VST GUI is hidden or not active. This does not happen with other VST synths.

Can this be fixed?
Thank you!

I'm using Ableton Live 9.1.1 (x64, Mac OS X 9.1.2), Aalto 1.5 VST, Kaivo 1.0 VST Demo.

Any news about the fixed Aalto build?


Aalto patches and their modulation routines can be very complex, so I think it is a good idea to let users enter some comments while editing a patch, save these comments with a patch and display them later.
Just look at this forum Patch Thread: most of the patches have short textual description. I'm pretty sure this description should be viewable/editable from Aalto.


Glad you have reproduced this! I have a strong feeling that this bug was fixed in the past (garf mentioned this several posts above), so, I hope, it can be fixed again.

Just wanted to bump this old thread: I'm still thinking that textual description should be the integral part of Aalto/Kaivo patching: the patches tends to be really deep and an ability to add several comments is a must have (IMHO).

Randy, please, release a quickfix Aalto/Kaivo builds for this issue, because it is very annoying: the current builds are 'eating' not only the computer MIDI keyboard input, but all the computer keyboard input. So, when Aalto/Kaivo VST GUI is visible and active you can not use none of your DAW keyboard shortcuts. You can't even start/stop the DAW transport using the Space key... :(


I'm not sure if this is important at all, but it seems impossible to enter the value 0.03 in Aalto 1.5 Glide dial. I can enter 0.02 and 0.04, but not 0.03.

Mac OS X 10.9.2, Ableton Live 9.1.2 x64


There is an UI issue both reproducible with Kaivo and Aalto (Mac OS X 10.9.2, Ableton Live 9.1.1 x64): the patch menu auto-closes when you hover your mouse over the patch folders. When the patch folder submenu disappears, main menu closes as well.
This happens only if you open the patch menu on the first time after launching Kaivo/Aalto GUI.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load an instance of Kaivo/Aalto on Ableton Live MIDI track
  2. Open Kaivo/Aalto GUI
  3. Click on a drop-down menu to open patch menu
  4. Hover the mouse pointer down to the first patch folder ('Kaivo/Aalto keys' in my case): the patch folder submenu appears on screen
  5. Move the mouse folder out of the patch folder item (up or down): the patch folder submenu disappears, as well as the main patch menu.

It's interesting, that this happens only if you open the patch menu on the first time after launching Kaivo/Aalto GUI. So, if you repeat the same steps again the main menu will not disappear after disappearing of the patch folder submenu.
If you just close and reopen Kaivo/Aalto GUI the issue will be reproducible again.


There is a cosmetic issue with Kaivo/Aalto patch menu which stays on screen. This does not bothers me at all, but may be a sign of a bigger problem, so here is the report: If you click on a drop-down to open the patch menu in Kaivo/Aalto and (without closing the menu) just drag the plugin window by clicking on a window header the menu goes to the background.

Here is a screenshot ot illustrate the issue:
The issue is reproducible on Mac OS X 10.9.2, Ableton Live 9.1.1 x64.


It seems there is another one change of the Aalto factory/user presets location. In the v1.5 all the presets are installed in User Library (Mac OS).

Right now all the presets/folders which name starts by 'Aalto' are located in the top part of the Aalto preset menu (before the divider), and all other factory presets are located after the divider.

Now, what should I do to add another one divider after the factory presets (Alessandro's Machines... - ...Surachai) to store my own (user) presets?

Thank you!


Just noticed a strange thing: changing the output buffer size in DAW (Ableton Live 9.02) settings drastically changes the timing of the notes which Aalto is playing. This does not happens with other soft synths.

Here is an audio example:

The first file (Aalto1440): Output buffer size set to 1400 samples. Straight 8th notes. Left channel: Operator. Right channel: Aalto 1.32 VST32. Ableton Live 9.02, Win8.

The second file (Aalto5956): the same sequence played after changing the output buffer size to 5956 samples.

Why this happens? Is this a bug? Note, that Operator is playing straight 8th notes regardless of the output buffer size settings.

Thank you.

Supporting the Random waveform button for sequencer value sliders.

Just noticed: when you load the 'Default' patch it uses 2 voices and Animation is disabled. When you create a new Aalto instance the Default patch which is loaded automatically uses 1 voice and Animation id enabled.

This is a cosmetic issue, but I'm sure it should be fixed to avoid confusion.


As far as I understand, Aalto 1.2.6 has some hard-coded default values (initial state) which are loaded when new Aalto instance is created.
Don't you think it will be better first to check the existence of the default.*preset patch in the system or user library and create/load it automatically on creation of new Aalto instance?
This change will allow users to set they own initial values just by replacing the default.*preset patch with their own one.

JFYI: there is an unfinished sentence in the Sequencer section: "When the [key trig] button is pressed, the sequencer".

There is no 'direct' control in Aaltp 1.2.6 which is described in WAVEGUIDE / DELAY section: '[direct]: sends direct signal through to output, added to delay signal'.

Another one cosmetic Aalto RFE: I'm pretty sure it is a good idea to suggest a patch name in Save As dialog which will match the current patch name (if any). So, for example, if I'm choosing Save As menu while the patch 'Mellow Pad' is loaded Aalto should suggest this name in Save As dialog.

Thank you.

The file name gets truncated when you save a patch which name contains one or several dots as delimiter (like 'VK.AAL.Bass-Favorite-One').
The same happens when you try to load the patch with several dots in the name.

This is reproducible in Win7 and Mac OS X Lion using Aalto 1.2.6

BTW: there seems to be a 22-characters length limit for patch names. Are there enough reasons for this (Aalto patch name display can hold more than 22 symbols)?

Currently the Aalto patch management system does not allow us to use subfolders, so we are forced to put some 'hints' in the patch name ('AAL-VK-Synth-Lead' etc) and the names becomes rather long...