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Basically it would be sweet if we could lock parameters, and then change the rest by changing presets.

Would be very useful and/or experimental, and I think would by a great addition to this synth as it's a not-so-common feature.

one use could be to lock the reverb at 0.0 whilst checking your presets, but that's quite boring compared to the fun stuff it could lead to.

Yeah, the reverb can get tiring. But a special feature to do something about it is not something I would add. You could use your host to learn the reverb knob to MIDI and then keep turning it off every second, or something.

hehe, ok.

My original intent might not be that motivating for you to spend development time, but i think parameter locking for cruising presets could be useful and lead to nice, unexpected results :)

But re: keeping the reverb off. Ya, I can work around it via a midi clip or something.


Using the 2nd envelope to control reverb now thats fun


1.3 is a year in the making and still cruising 3rd party presets is a constant exercise in turning off the damn reverb. 1.3.1 will bring even more presets drowned in reverb - goodie!

if you like the preset yet don't want the reverb wouldn't it stand to reason to save over the original?