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Basically it would be sweet if we could lock parameters, and then change the rest by changing presets.

Would be very useful and/or experimental, and I think would by a great addition to this synth as it's a not-so-common feature.

one use could be to lock the reverb at 0.0 whilst checking your presets, but that's quite boring compared to the fun stuff it could lead to.


1.3 is a year in the making and still cruising 3rd party presets is a constant exercise in turning off the damn reverb. 1.3.1 will bring even more presets drowned in reverb - goodie!

Since you're working on the next update, deciding what to implement, can you please re-consider this feature request which I made once before:

A mix-lock for the reverb setting, so that it stays at the same value when cruising presets. I don't always want to use the Aalto reverb, I don't want to maintain a wet & dry bank of presets either.
This is a good, useful feature request - and common feature amongst other synths for good reasons. Please implement it.

As a secondary request (and nowhere near as important or as desired as the request above) - any other parameters that you could implement a 'lock' on to would be sweet too. That's an uncommon feature, but I'm sure it would be a fruitful addition on any modular/semi-modular synth.


Well, I believe you've shared some code with Sean@ValhallaDSP ?

His implementation is the best. He uses it on his effects, namely VRoom so far, shimmer either has it too or is getting it in an imminent update, and I believe his new one UberMod is going to have it...

The UI element is simple, you simply click on the parameter name and the text changes colour - locked. Wonderful!

Going beyond locking for just Aalto's reverb (mix) parameter (a necessity imo), pretty much all your parameters are could, if you thought it was a good idea, easily implement this for all parameters (and connections even..?). in terms of the UI at least (I don't presume to know what amount or difficulty of coding would have to go into it..). This would be a useful luxury, and a kind of nod in the direction of hardware modular patching that would be fun, aleatoric, experimental, productive. In terms of UI nothing would change, no space/ergonomics etc would be impeded. Even the labelless modifier parameters could be locked with a double click, or some such modifier_key+click.

OK I'm sure you get what I'm suggesting, I'll leave it at that - I don't want to drown the original feature reqest in another wistful albeit awesome one :)

pity there's no facepalm emoticons.

dart head. That is not what I'm talking about. Thanks for the condescension though, really motivates me to explain things.

ACE allows you to midi control wire sources & targets, and thus make cable connections remotely via midi. Exactly what you seem to be asking about re: Aalto. As far as doing this with ACE, go look it up yourself, damned if I'll be explaining it to you.

So before you use a physical interface to control this behaviour, obviously the software needs to be able to do that. And unless I'm gravely mistaken, Aalto isn't yet able to make cable connections via midi.

Every patch I open is chugging every last bit of cpu it would need to run at full voice capacity. Even with no keys pressed and the sequencer not running.

Can this be improved ?


Besides that just on the general topic of CPU hungriness check out the factory preset by Sounds Devine called 'SD Q Factor'
This runs at 34% on my dual-core 2ghz OSX 10.6 machine (whether you're playing it or not - see the opening statement above)

Seems a little hungry for the returns, no? but I can't remember if this is an actual improvement since I haven't been regularly using Aalto since the Live7/GUI problem until now.

At any rate I can handle the overall cpu hunger if it's what's needed, but would love to see it at least optimized in such a way that it's not using all it's potentially required CPU before even pressing a single key


No sweat Randy,
Just checking.

I'm very happy with the way Aalto sounds and works, so if this is the CPU price that has to be paid then so be it. I guess I had to ask because I couldn't remember just how hungry it was when I last used it on a project, and thought maybe it was another Live 7 issue.

For what it's worth FAW Circle does the same thing (re: using up as much CPU as the patch would need before hitting a key). Another favourite of mine, and another modular type affair. I guess it's the nature of the modular beast!


I'm not so sure it's this one ?

I guess the best way to get feedback on a query/suggestion from other users would be to post across a few forums

Cheers randy,
I was thinking more in terms of bouncing feature request ideas off other users

I'll be sure to post any ideas over at gearslutz then :)


Can any other Live 7 users confirm ? (I'm on OSX 10.6 btw)

Once the Aalto GUI loses focus, i.e you put the GUI of other plugins in front of it, you can't re-focus on Aalto without closing it down and opening it again.

a vast improvement over the GUI being frozen and being told to roll back to 1.1, but still not an issue that's completely put to bed imo. see: workflow


btw the same thing happens with the AU


U-HE's 'Any Cable Everywhere (ACE)' synth can do that

so it's certainly possible. well, possible for a VSTi to do it.

hehe, ok.

My original intent might not be that motivating for you to spend development time, but i think parameter locking for cruising presets could be useful and lead to nice, unexpected results :)

But re: keeping the reverb off. Ya, I can work around it via a midi clip or something.


Great Success!

I'm having withdrawal symptoms!

Hey Randy,
glad to see you tackled this issue
( )


Anyway so far so good with the demo in live 7.0.18,

one small GUI issue so far:
you open the Aalto gui. You work as normal, all good. Now you open another plugin gui leaving Aalto in the background. Everything seems normal. Until you click on Aalto to bring it back into focus.... it won't come back into focus. It stays in the background. you've got to close it completely and re-open it again everytime you want to re-focus on Aalto whilst working on a session involving multiple plugins.

Seems trivial compared to the GUI not working at all, but still worth addressing I reckon!

will continue testing.... looking forward to this update :)

Damn. looks like whatever you did to optimize the GUI has caused incompatibilities with LIVE 7.018 (and also plogue bidule au/vst)

basicially you load Aalto, open the gui, and you can't interact with it at all. no preset changing, no parameter tweaking. if you use ableton's own gui to control the parameters - you can see the GUI animate accordingly.

Smells like cocoa shenanigans...

Hope it's not insurmountable...

ps: aalto is crashing ableton live 7.018 on exit every time


Nope, VST exhibiting the same behaviour...

rolling back to 1.1


Foiled again. Curse you cocoa!

so what do I need to know about reverting back to 1.1 (yep, GUI worked A-OK) along with it's presets ?

I suppose it can't co-exist with 1.2 either (as I use other daws that aalto 1.2 is working fine in) ....

I got no interest in Live 8 unfortunately, avoiding it like the plague what with stability being my most treasured attribute in a DAW.
I'm holding out for Live 9 ... which is I'm sure where the lion's share of their dev resources are focused now anyway.

I can understand working on Live7 issues is not a priority of yours. No sweat. it's a pity, fucking cocoa!