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looking forward to this one

how about making the LFO switchable to one-shot mode where it could be essentially an extra envelope

hey randy when all this gets worked out I would love to be added to the list as all my machine are on 10.6.8 thank you so much for thinking ahead in this way

Using a binary led display you could use 2 LEDs to display your 4 modes this may not be too useful unless you have quite a few modes you want included

Although over time I've gotten used to binary displays so I don't know how helpful or readable they are to others

This module sounds awesome

so I was just thinking about the aalto/kaivo patchbay and wondered about an alternate version more along the lines of a switch matrix patchbay. It would be neat to be able to switch between modes or maybe it would have to be an alternate version. I'm sure this has been brought up before and randy has most likely already thought about implementing it.
it would potentially be a lot of attenuverters though...

I think I am finally set back up to really give Aalto another go after going the hardware route as it initially inspired me towards that route in the first place

TouchOSC controlling Aalto is way fun

although I miss my soundplane I will be playing aalto with a shnth soon it sounds like

one day I'll get another soundplane for sure

this is fantastic

I would love to see how he uses it as It seems like the continuum was getting more love

I would imagine this may fall more under the heading of "new project in the future"

that is just my guess as it would fit so nicely into the more fully modular project randy has been vaguely hinting at for a while.

that being said I would love it for aalto to have individual outs

whoop I hope I know at least a part of what that means

and I hope that part is a gorgeous sounding chorus ;)

some new videos for the haystack
these are also of shnth + aalto + repatcher + trackpad
it is getting closer to being ready for release

sorry about the videos I am just having a hard time seeing how they need to be formatted to actually show up.

there isn't really any information about the product that monome will be releasing soon called the aleph but I am hoping beyond hopes that it will be my bridge to CV without having to buy into a modular setup (I use ciat lonbarde stuff) or bring a computer on stage

As much as I love aalto I just have never had a lot of luck with computers and live shows. Although I suppose the fix for this would most likely be a better computer. Aalto has led me to this hardware self contained modular fascination.

I love to tinker at home (just this morning I was using the shbobo shnth to control DMX lighting, and some of my best friends are computers) but I am so torn


as it stands right now I'm trying to sell my soundplane on muffwigglers but if the aleph is the missing CV key I may have to rethink that.

randy is no slouch that is for sure
he is in the process of releasing a whole new synth
I'm sure aalto fixings are planned forthwith

this is why I love controlling aalto with my touchosc template

blissful smooth OSC data streams
a new video of the repatcher trackpad and shnth all controlling aalto together

whenever interacting with aalto in max I have always used 0. - 1. ranges and everything (except two or three pieces for some odd reason) worked perfectly with that out of the gate

If I am remembering correctly the all of the volumes are a bit odd to control under max (instead of 0.-1. it was more like 0.-.43)

I have used outboard modulations in both ways. The first being by textually addressing the parameter I wanted to control (not sure why this didn't work for you) and secondly by using predetermined numbers to associate with parameters.

I may get to my magic trackpad + openmusiclabs repatcher controller for aalto today and this is rpecisely how I do that sort of thing


here is a short video of me controlling 1 voice of aalto with a magic trackpad

I'd happily wait until after next christmas for whatever you have cooking. Not any longer though :)

glad I sold my soundplane before this landed or else I doubt I would have let it go.

can't you just format the trackpads output to fit the T3D format?

an interesting thing to see would be if you could use multiple trackpads to make one bigger surface.

the attenuverters on every input allow you to scale and invert

an actual math module has been brought up before and randy showed some interest in maybe including something like it in aalto 2 (this was long ago so things may have changed)

the math module allows for operations like modulo

Does anyone want to buy a soundplane?
I will include a madrona labs case a USB cable and 2 madrona labs stickers
I'll get the paypal fees
I'll get the shipping to the US
for 1760

here are some pictures of the soundplane

I am based in the US

video of the soundplane

this is the last thing I have recorded with the soundplane

and here is some audio of plumbutter and the soundplane

let me know on here or at my email
bukowskionmymind @ gmail

My reason for selling is that I am moving to full ciat lonbarde setup as aalto gave me the lusties for banana patching


this is where the newest version resides now

this is not possible at the moment

but with a midi program change command you can cycle through presets this is something I'll add to my touchOSC layout whenever I get back to it

the task of adding midi/OSC to the patchbay will be a big one if it is at all possible in the current implementation

@renderful I have a soundplane for sale at a price that is quite a bit cheaper than it will be available regularly :)

do save up

kaivo and aalto are two different instruments

kaivo is being previewed

and I would assume a rough release date will be announced

aalto 2 will be much later I'm sure

after soundplane software updates probably

I wouldn't be surprised if randy were doing another run of soundplanes before aalto 2

this is mostly speculation

Really excited to see some video

It was nice to see you talking about the soundplane randy

I can't wait to see what kaivo can do

kaivo today~

this one may be for aalto 2 but it would be nice to be able to trigger ENV 1 or 2 with the LFO