ForumsSoftware ← Is anyone else using LinnStrument with Aalto and Kaivo?

After using Roli for 2.5 years and waiting on a Soundplane, I decided to jump into the fold with a LinnStrument. Wow! Very nice compliment to both Aalto and Kaivo.

Anyone else out here in the wide open yonder doing the same?

I know Roger Linn has done some demos with it, which I was happy to see. So there must be others...

Randy, I'll get some demos together with it as well, as soon as I get adept at it...I've had it less than a week. More enjoyable than the Roli and keeps me excited for Soundplane v.2.0!

I bought a Linnstrument a few months ago. I've been playing with a few synths but with Aalto I have begun to understand. I really like it but I like also all the good things that are happening on iOS-land so I'm waiting patiently for Randy to go on his "roadmap".

@tiantong, excellent! I am really enjoying the LinnStrument as well.

Linnstrument Aalto/Kaivo users: videos, please! :-)