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After using Roli for 2.5 years and waiting on a Soundplane, I decided to jump into the fold with a LinnStrument. Wow! Very nice compliment to both Aalto and Kaivo.

Anyone else out here in the wide open yonder doing the same?

Thanks Steven!

@tiantong, excellent! I am really enjoying the LinnStrument as well.

Randy, I'll get some demos together with it as well, as soon as I get adept at it...I've had it less than a week. More enjoyable than the Roli and keeps me excited for Soundplane v.2.0!

Hi All,

I just acquired a Roli a few days ago and purchased Aalto today. I'm having a very difficult time getting the MPE to work quite right...specifically, the pressure sensitivity. While the Roli is tracking with Aalto, it's anything but smooth and barely usable.

Any tips & suggestions to get the best performance out of the Roli with Aalto?


It was simply a matter of adjusting the buffer size to the maximum that my setup could handle without latency/clipping. I'm running a late 2013 Mac Pro (cylinder) with Logic Pro X. Once I did that, the MPE worked as seamlessly as possible. = )

Hi Randy,

I was able to tweak some sample rate settings in my DAW (Logic Pro X) to get the MPE working correctly between the Roli Seaboard and Aalto!

Many thanks again for your help!

Thank you, Randy! I absolute adore Aalto and really want to incorporate it into the workflow. I will give the above-mentioned a try, and, if all else fails, I'll use a regular midi-controller with it. :)

Many thanks again for the blood, sweat & tears you put into your tools!