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To be honest, I don't know whether to post this question here or on the Linnstrument forums. I may end up posting it in both...

Any differences between +1, +2 outputs and their equivalents in MPE mode x, y? Are they still "the two subsequent MIDI CCs (continuous controls) above the value you’ve specified in the mod cc# dial" as stated in the manual?

In the Linnstrument, x is already mapped to pitch and y to mod wheel and they are doing a fine job there but I would like to make use of those two extras modulation sources. Any ideas, suggestions, tips?

To answer myself, a possible outcome would be to split the Linnstrument and make use of its cc faders but I still want to make this modulation on the notes layout.

In MPE mode, only the mod output is controlled by the mod cc# dial. The x and y outputs for each voice are fixed to CCs 73 and 74. So you get for each voice an independent cc#74, as required by the MPE spec, and then two additional mod sources: cc73 and one more you can select.

As MPE outputs go in general, any input from the main channel (typically channel 1) will be added to all the voice channels. This goes for mod, x and y.

This setup follows the MPE spec as far as cc74 but the names are a little funny—this is because I set up the Soundplane->Aalto connection over MPE before the MPE spec was really finalized. Now that MPE is settled I may make some changes for compatibility.