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Wow! Sounds like another must-have synth. Very interesting synth architecture again, but with the way these synths are patched, it will be intuitive and fun to work with, just like the others. Well done.

I am sometimes tempted just to sell all my hardware synths and focus entirely on the Madrona ones as they offer so much uniqueness and sonic flavour.

I’m waiting for my newly bought Linnstrument 128, Aalto and Kaivo being two synths I am quite keen to try out with it. I will post videos with it at some point. I think there are generally too few Linnstrument playing videos on YouTube, and even fewer showcasing Aalto and Kaivo.

While I can play some things on a keyboard, I think the Linnstrument layout will suit me better, allowing me to both play faster and more expressively as the finger movements are more akin to typing (which I am very fast at) or woodwind playing, which is my main instrument group to play.

Yay! I've been looking forward to that.

+1 on MIDI learn. It would make life so much easier for all of us who like using some kind of MIDI controller besides just a keyboard.

Oooh... winter sale! I may have gone over my Black Friday budget already when I got a Teenage Engineering OP-1, but I'll definitely scrape together something for that too.

I just tried the demo versions of both Aalto and Kaivo, and I must say that your unique layout makes it the most intuitive and easy-to-use synths I've ever tried when it comes to making your own sounds from scratch. I hope you will continue to develop further sound-creation products with the same brilliant layout that enhances rather than gets in the way of creativity.

Are you considering making a package deal now that you have three amazing virtual instruments in Virta, Aalto and Kaivo?

If you create a package that includes all three costing a little bit more than Aalto and Kaivo together, say 25% off the regular asking price, I am sure even more people would be buying your trio of amazingness and not even wait for your next sale. Just a thought.

Keep up the excellent work!