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Congratulations on the release. I got it as soon it came out. I have to spend a little time with it to get used to it.
It looks gorgeous by the way, fluent, crispy and alive.
I had a crash in VCV Rack with the host module. I haven't tried again with it, so this doesn't qualify as a proper bug report.
No problems in Bitwig 5 so far.

I hope you publish some videos at some point as a complement to the manual.

Finally, echoing @taakelur's request about the knobs behavior. Yes, you can drag around outside of the track area, you can also use the scroll function of the mouse wheel or trackpad but it's too easy to reach to the knob and try a click and grab, so the jumpy behavior is kind of unwanted.
This goes for the other plugins as well.

I am patching almost on a daily basis for the last month and my default VCV template has Kaivo and Aalto in it. So many beautiful sounds in these two little boxes.

This is what I came up with today - I just wanted to share.


Can you post a link to the Discord, please?

So with Virta I have completed my Madrona Labs collection - for now :)

Looking forward next week!

Nice picture, by the way.

That is a very beautiful user interface, like a poem. I could be staring at it for hours.
Looking forward the release.
Take your time.

Just wanted to chime in to share my enthusiasm for a new project controller in the making. A very small, portable grid, isomorphic keyboard, accordion like controller with MPE (and regular MIDI) support.

I could imagine this paired with Aalto or Kaivo. Nice tandem.

In this thread, user @progster mentions a Windows VST host: Maybe you can use it?

I have Mainstage (in Mac). Honestly I always end up using Logic Pro (DAW) because it is faster for me, even if I don't record anything (I rarely do). Regarding Bitwig, I remember thinking it was the first DAW which didn't "get in the way", much like AUM in iOS. That said, I sometimes wish Madrona Labs plugins were stand alone (but again, it is not one of my priorities)

There are non-DAW solutions for computers (Gigperformer comes to mind, MPE support, as far as I recall) but I have never tested these.

Sorry, my English. I mean there is no audio demo, I can’t hear them before adding them to my presets.

I’d rather tweak knobs than having a bunch of presets that I’m never going to use. It’s just me.

Hello hello

I just wanted to say thank you for the effort. I would love to try it and give it some love on Github but I have two issues with the patches. One is that I can't hear them, most of them have no demo. The other is that what I like about Aalto is just that it invites to experiment so I rarely use the built in patches let alone download other.

Anyway, I'm sure there will be people ready to experiment with the script.

(I had actually come here to download Kaivo and then I got entangled in the forum!)

Have a nice holidays!

Logic Pro X 10.4.7
Aalto 1.9.2 (AU.64)
Mac mini OS X Catalina 10.15.1

Settings on Linnstrument

  • MPE mode on
  • Channel 1 common
  • Channels 2 - 5 for Aalto’s 4 voices
  • Pitch bend 12
  • x, y & z settings as standard

The patch is a MPE modification of Aalto’s default patch.

  • MPE mode
  • PB 12
  • 4 voices

The issue: unexpected pitch jump when playing notes after pitch bending. The fourth will give a double note (like if one of the voices had stopped at the beginning of the pitch bend and then decided to hurry up to the new note).
I have recorded a couple of examples:
Here Aalto has its 4 voices engaged.
If I change to 3 voices, the unexpected notes will come after three notes.
It doesn’t have to be the same note. Just play notes after a pitch bend and the issue will come.

I can’t tell if this is a new issue. I have experienced unstable pitch in MPE mode in the past but never have stopped to actually trace the problem. I mentioned once some issues on mono mode in MPE. I don't know if they are related.

I haven't been able to reproduce this issue on other MPE instruments so I asume this is an Aalto problem.

Well, at least is not that I'm losing my mind.
I'm sorry to see there are problems with the new update.

Now that I know it's not me rambling about grey winters, I'm willing to keep on reporting (instead of "just play"), if you want. Just let me know. Everything to get Aalto up and running.

Regarding the 4 voices, I doubt it's the delay (audio) because I'm able to record the notes (MIDI) in Logic and Bitwig Studio. Did I just get a multitimbral Aalto?

So, I asked in the Linnstrument forum and got a few tips from Roger.

Maybe you're sending on different per-note channels than Aalto is expecting? Or maybe you're using long releases, in which case it might be better to turn on "Reset on Release" as explained in the Panel Settings page, Per-Split Settings tab?

I can confirm that "Reset on Release" doesn't help.

Another tip:

I don’t believe Aalto uses an MPE common (main) channel, so you only need to select the per-note channels. I’m out of town now but you should be able to learn in the Aalto documentation how to assign the per-note channels. If you monitor the MIDI messages, you should be able to see which channel is not responding correctly, which will narrow down the problem.

So I've been trying every possible channel combination without luck. That is, MPE with midi channel one as common; MPE without common channel...

The only thing that helps is turning pitch bend off; oh, and pitch bend in non-mpe mode.

Something I noticed is that despite of having a max of 4 voices I can just keep on adding notes. I've played and recorded up to 10 notes at the same time - my experience with 4 voices polyphony is that as soon as you hit the 5th, the 1st is muted, and so on.

Honestly I don't have the time to keep on testing (I'd prefer to just play) and Roger says it is ok on its end. Nobody else has reported back so it must be me. If you find something, please let me know. Otherwise I am going to try something else.

Thanks for your time.

edit: it seems I’m not alone afterwards. I hear reports of others having issues after the last update. And sorry for the darky, heavy mood. It’s winter here, grey and windy and without light.

Looking forward to hearing what you find out. I had just decided to focus all my attention on Aalto. No matter how many synths I try, I always end up here (where I started)

The sequencer can make a good LFO too.

Sometimes I also think about features I’d like but honestly what I enjoy most of Aalto is that is “limiting”. So simple and yet so deep.

And it sounds beautiful.

Thanks for the answer. I knew somehow it had been announced. I just simply couldn’t find it.

As to MPE in unison mode you’re absolutely right so it’s not a priority thing. But it do find myself changing sounds from time to time, from poly to unison sometimes, and this is when stacking the voices together would be helpful.

Again the Linnstrument makes changing modes really easy but I’d just rather stay in MPE mode. I wonder though if others have experienced the same and what do they do on any other MPE controller that relies on a computer for these type of settings.

I think we've talked about this before but can anybody explain x & y modulation sources again?
Is the manual outdated?

If I get it right, y is mapped to cc74. That works ok but I can't get anything clear of x
Then mod cc# is to map the mod wheel or choose any other cc number. But then what does x do? or what is it mapped to?

I'm getting also a very weird sound of unison mode in MPE mode. When sliding from one note to other on the Linnstrument, it is like one of the voices (or more) get sucked while the others (or just one) finds its way to the new note. Anybody has experienced this?

Let me just add one more comment: Aalto has pitch bend of +-48. That's my preferred setting these days so I don't need to change it in the Linnstrument when changing sound sources (Equator, Alchemy) but Kaivo is only 24. Why this "inconsistency"?

Congratulations with the new plugin. I’m one of those who won’t miss PayPal and welcome credit card payment.

Looking forward to playing with it.

I must admit I'm using the iPad with the Linnstrument 95% of the time. There are a lot of good things there but also a lot of distractions and I don't happen to find the "perfect" (all right, the ALMOST perfect) synth.

The other 5% is when I get frustrated with the iPad or just want to remember how it was on my old MacBook Pro and I open Logic and there is Aalto (Kaivo too but it's too heavy) and just sweeping over the presets, making minor adjustments, letting the fingers find their way in the grid of the Linnstrument... there is a song to every preset, every turned knob has a phrase to build something upon.

So I wonder why I don't spend more time with the Mac, being a lot more stable and solid than the iPad, even my old one?

I don't dare to post videos yet. My playing is not that confident. But maybe I could learn a lot from it... I don't know.

By the way, I thought I'd say, feature request: adding a global setting to override presets? I am thinking on MIDI (MPE) mode, pitch bend and mod CC, so I don't have to change every time I surf sounds. That would be great.

Randy, do you have any idea of when?
iOS is becoming a modular heaven. I could easily imagine Madronalabs modules as AUv3 inside say AUM or ApeMatrix.

Also I think I read apps in the upcoming iPadOS will work on MacOS.

I bought a Linnstrument a few months ago. I've been playing with a few synths but with Aalto I have begun to understand. I really like it but I like also all the good things that are happening on iOS-land so I'm waiting patiently for Randy to go on his "roadmap".

I opened my late '12 MacBook pro today to delete Logic Pro. It takes precious space on its 128GB flash drive. I did but then I found Garageband and there was Kaivo. I've almost forgotten I had an iPad.
All this just to say anything Madrona Labs on iOS is really welcome.

I've been playing with soft synths for around a year but Aalto has been such a great time since I purchased it... I was looking for a MPE compatible to find a few sounds, forget about the synth and just play the Linnstrument but it is so easy to patch this cable or turn that knob and say "ah" or "oh" that I barely have played the Linnstrument since I got the synth.

It is nice to have everything on one page. Aalto makes experimenting enjoyable and invites to explore both from the default patch or just tweaking some of the many presets already there.

For use with the Linnstrument I've created a new default patch and have been saving the ones I like in new folders changing a few parameters (basically pitch bend to 12 semitones, this works best for me).

Anyway, just wanted to share that I'm very happy with this synth.

To be honest, I don't know whether to post this question here or on the Linnstrument forums. I may end up posting it in both...

Any differences between +1, +2 outputs and their equivalents in MPE mode x, y? Are they still "the two subsequent MIDI CCs (continuous controls) above the value you’ve specified in the mod cc# dial" as stated in the manual?

In the Linnstrument, x is already mapped to pitch and y to mod wheel and they are doing a fine job there but I would like to make use of those two extras modulation sources. Any ideas, suggestions, tips?

To answer myself, a possible outcome would be to split the Linnstrument and make use of its cc faders but I still want to make this modulation on the notes layout.