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Hi - anyone any idea why Aalto is running so poorly for me under my install of windows 7 bootcamp on a macbook pro i5 2.3 (this years model)?

To compare the performance of Aalto in Windows to running it under mac OSX - I get about a 25% cpu usge under OSX when I run the most complex patches with 4 voices, whereas the cpu maxes out at 3 voices under bootcamp. I cant even get 4 voices running with buffer settings at max!

Very drastic difference and one that is stopping me from purchasing unfortunately.

Any help is much appreciated,


I run Aalto under Parallels and Windows 7 quite often -- in fact, I did the bulk of the development there. Performance is basically the same as native, on Live's CPU meter.

So, I would expect Boot camp performance to be much better. Unfortunately I have not used Bootcamp, but hopefully someone can help you on the forums here.

Do other softsynths have the same reduced performance? If so, look into driver issues.

YUSSS. Fixed

S'probably me just being a noob but for anyone else with the same problem, delete bootcamp partition, run software update on OSX, make sure you've got v3.2 of bootcamp on a disc ready to go and reinstall windows.

Mate - this synth is the Bogs Dollox -Thankyou