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Hi - anyone any idea why Aalto is running so poorly for me under my install of windows 7 bootcamp on a macbook pro i5 2.3 (this years model)?

To compare the performance of Aalto in Windows to running it under mac OSX - I get about a 25% cpu usge under OSX when I run the most complex patches with 4 voices, whereas the cpu maxes out at 3 voices under bootcamp. I cant even get 4 voices running with buffer settings at max!

Very drastic difference and one that is stopping me from purchasing unfortunately.

Any help is much appreciated,


YUSSS. Fixed

S'probably me just being a noob but for anyone else with the same problem, delete bootcamp partition, run software update on OSX, make sure you've got v3.2 of bootcamp on a disc ready to go and reinstall windows.

Mate - this synth is the Bogs Dollox -Thankyou