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From the manual:
Selecting patches via MIDI

If you’d like to be able to load patches by sending MIDI program changes to Virta, create a folder titled “MIDI Programs” (note the capitalization and the space between words) in one of the following locations, depend- ing on your platform:

• Mac OS: /Library/Audio/Presets/Madrona Labs/Virta

I do not have this folder in either library. Where should I put the "MIDI Programs" folder?

I'm sorry, that's an old comment in the manual that did not get updated. The new location is ~/Music/Madrona Labs/Virta. This is where all the patches are installed. If you make a "MIDI Programs" dir along side the Virta preset dirs, it should work as expected.

I'm fixing the manual now.


Sounds good. Just to be clear:

Add a folder titled "Midi Programs" in the "virta" folder that contains all the other preset folders.

Then when I put presets into the "Midi Programs" folder, what order they are in pertains to what program change number will trigger the change.

I can't figure in my head how this will function with multiple instances of virta running in separate ableton channels but that will become clear when I actually implement this I suppose.

Edit: I should leave presets in their original folders and copy and paste into Midi Programs?

make sure it's "MIDI Programs" (caps!)

you can copy the programs into that directory.

Each instance of Virta loads programs from the directory completely independently. They can load the same one or different ones, there's no difference.

Personally I rename my programs something like:

  • a0 clouds
  • a1 static
  • a2 umbrella

so they still have descriptive names but are in order.

This was always intended as a short-term solution. Someday there will be a program bank editor kind of thing. The UI is the hard part.

Got it!


just a bump that the fixed manual is not the one on the streets - i also noticed that the stored presets folder is incorrect in the pdf today