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From the manual:
Selecting patches via MIDI

If you’d like to be able to load patches by sending MIDI program changes to Virta, create a folder titled “MIDI Programs” (note the capitalization and the space between words) in one of the following locations, depend- ing on your platform:

• Mac OS: /Library/Audio/Presets/Madrona Labs/Virta

I do not have this folder in either library. Where should I put the "MIDI Programs" folder?

Got it!



Sounds good. Just to be clear:

Add a folder titled "Midi Programs" in the "virta" folder that contains all the other preset folders.

Then when I put presets into the "Midi Programs" folder, what order they are in pertains to what program change number will trigger the change.

I can't figure in my head how this will function with multiple instances of virta running in separate ableton channels but that will become clear when I actually implement this I suppose.

Edit: I should leave presets in their original folders and copy and paste into Midi Programs?