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With all its flexibility, Virta should be a useful tool for all those times when you get an idea for a new way to mangle audio, but the idea isn’t so complicated that you need to reach for Max/MSP. It’s going to sound great. More info and pricing late September.

This text is from newsletter. I hope to see some Virta news today. :)

Oh, thanks for reminding me!

I'm just going to attach this sketch. If you know your way around a modular synthesizer, you can probably guess some of the cool things you can do with Virta. The main purpose is to make new voice-controlled instruments. But you could also make, for example, a de-esser! Or a four-voice pitch shifter.

Price will be $89 unless the price of beer in Seattle changes significantly in the next month.

Virta sketch

Thanks Randy for update.

This looks very nice. I stared at it for 30 min. and my head was exploding with artificial sounds. :) Hope to hear this monster in real live soon.

If you need beta testers just count me in.

A pint of beer is on me. :)

Looks promising, especially the upper section and the formant thing makes me want to try it. To be honest I was hoping for the Kaivo-Waveguide-Section, but a PITCH-Delay might be also really cool and interesting.

I think you generally found a good path balance between multifunctionality and beeing overcrowded. Nearly no VST I know can do so much with so little knobs. Take that as an compliment : )

Nearly no VST I know can do so much with so little knobs.

Thanks, I think a lot on that topic so it's nice to hear.

You know already in my last email ;) I'm in for beta tester ;)
Cheers Tom (Synth Anatomy)

looking interesting... the formant filter could be fun :)

My fingers are salivating!
Live audio input to your synths is gonna be beautiful!

looks really cool Randy! Would be cool to see a real madrona labs modular synth where you just layout all the available modules (from the three synths and more) that you want on screen. I would certainly pay a good chunk of money to get my hands on something like that. I understand though it would probably make it harder for you to sell your other plugins. Unless you make a modular vst where if you own the product you can use the available modules anyway you want. Anyway I'm just dreaming here :)

Shut up and take my money.

Paradiddle's idea is also a damn fine one, but wouldn't want to get greedy now. I guess... :)

That sketch looks amazing, I think will use it for weird delays and SFX!

Can't wait for the release!

Paradiddle's idea!! Do that!!! PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASE!!!!!
And finish Virta - that looks great in the meantime :)


I definitely want to release a fully modular system in the future. Stay tuned (for a long while, maybe).

Virta looks fantastic! Please include me in the beta test.

Yes do that Randy:)

When is Virta going to be released?

Soon, I hope!

very very excited, I must admit ;)
thanks for the grrrrreat brain tools, randy!!
pure inspiration, and this one looks to be no exception
thank you!
ps money at the ready...

I definitely want to release a fully modular system in the future. Stay tuned (for a long while, maybe).

Id love to see this, partly just so we can have some utility 'modules' , e.g. so we can mix and attenuate signals when we have multiple inputs into a modulator.
(e.g. I'm having real issues balancing mixing Y axis and pitch tracking into cutoff in aalto... want high modulation on Y, and much less on pitch)

on the other hand, id like a modular that allows mixing of other developers modules, e.g. bring in say vahalla reverbs :)

worth musing over whilst I await verta :)

Late to the party! Just found out about Virta today:D So much looking forward to this!!

Let's see some videos so I can start getting hyped up!

The video right now would be me going back and forth between XCode and my coffee maker.

Randy, you're an animal!


Wow! I'm so excited for this randy! I must say between Aalto and Kaivo my laptop is finally the instrument I thought it should be! I really cannot wait for Virta. good lucj with the work!

Yes, yir an animal randy, and judging from the horse preset, might you be a workhorse? Just my guess Thanks for all your hard work and great insights. I never could afford Kyma, and coding is so time consuming without the right interfaces... so this is a good find for me and I was also considering some other options, from other hard working gurus, but your quality of vision beats it from what I can see so far, so I will bet Virta will be a great investment too.

Really excited for this one too, even if i'm still finding new ways to use Kaivo after a year of use! I'm sure to buy Virta whenever it's released, can't wait to process my small modular or field recordings within it!
Thanks a lot for all your hard work Randy, Aalto and Kaivo are the most inspiring software synthesizers i've ever came across! (and also became the only instruments I'm using on my laptop)

Thanks for the note. Still working hard and feeling like I'm close to a beta here.

Oh yeah !

We´r dying to sneak a peak Randy:-)

Dying to show you something! The beta is very near completion and when it is being tested I'll make a few demo vids.