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Will Aalto ever get 8 voices like Kaivo?

Hello. I'd like to see/hear tube models. Opened at both ends, closed at one end... Conical? If that's possible. I would like to be able to make ominous fog/train/ship horn sounds. Honk honk.

No probs. Cheers :)

Cool. I'll leave you to it then. Thanks Randy!

Yes that's what I meant. Mono would prob be fine too though, maybe better actually.

Well REAPER will let each output of a vsti record to it's own track, I also use Bidule which would allow the exploitation of multiple outs easily. I guess Max would allow the same, other DAWs probably have ways of dealing with vstis with mutiple outs - like most drum machine plugins tend to have an out for each drum sound don't they.

There is so much you can do with the vox modifier on Aalto/Kaivo, you can go crazy and have each voice sound utterly different, have different envelopes, timbres and modulations... Imagine if you could capture those separately in a session and then go on to resample them, or layer them in ways impossible within Aalto/Kaivo themselves. Separate EQing, other FX etc.

Could be a very useful addition to a workflow.

I'm not fussed about pre-orders, I was chiming in to agree that Virta is an instant buy. Will we see it in December do you think? Cheers for all your efforts Randy.

Awesome! Have you considered having dedicated stereo outs per voice for your instruments? Would be a boon for sure.

Yes and me.

I'm with you on that one Frederik. I've used many many softsynths over the years, and Randy's are by far my favourite. So much so they are really my main weapons for synthesis and sound design.

They manage to sound sort of vintage and ancient, but also modern and forward thinking, while sounding nothing like anything else software or hardware. They are actually fun to patch and inspiring to use.

Plus the seemingly limited set of sound sources / modulators mean you're not bogged down by infinite starting points for sound design tasks and synth sounds. Also I think the imposed limitations give the feeling of Aalto/Kaivo actually being instruments, as opposed to computer programs that produce sound.

Randy - on the topic of your softsynths being legitimate instruments, something I've wondered in the past is was the decision to make the maximum length of sample allowed in Kaivo's granulator inspired by the Mellotron? I believe they could only have a maximum tape length of 8 seconds too? :)

Aalto and Kaivo are awesome. I hope to add Virta to that list soon...


I'm not sure if I'm off my head or something, but if I patch the pitch source into any input and increase the modulation in a positive direction, the dial readouts showing the modulation being applied seem to move in a negative direction for all voices. Resulting in less modulation. If you turn the mod input in a negative direction, a lower pitch still means more modulation as it should, but all mod values are scaled upwards, in a positive direction.

Have I gone wrong in the mind?

Aalto 1.7, Win 8.1, Reaper 5.04 - all 64bit

OK cheers Randy. Thanks for quick response.

The resolution of Aalto's linear pitch input seems to be very low for the first quarter turn. I want to be able to modulate the pitch very subtlety, but it seems hard to achieve this.

Have I gone wrong in the mind?

Aalto 1.7 64bit, Windows 8.1 64bit, Reaper 5.04 64bit


OK, that's cool. Thanks for replying so fast. I'll work with the LFO etc. :)

Ace. Thanks.

Hello, are there any plans for further resonator/body models after Virta is released?

I really think $129 is a very fair price for a tool of this calibre. Kaivo isn't just another subtractive synth with 'classic' filters, this is some seriously mind expanding stuff - I use it to synthesise shifting environmental noises. If you like what you hear, take the plunge!

Win 7 Pro x64
Renoise 3 x64 / Reaper 4.61 x64
Aalto 1.5.0 x64


I'm using Aalto in unison mode with VOX patched to the sequencer's OFFSET so that all four voices light up the red lights below steps 1-4. I'm using values in these four steps and the QUANT function with the sequencer output patched to the carrier's pitch to play a 4-voice chord. But, the fourth step is not having any effect on the pitch of any of the voices - instead the 16th step which is not lit by the OFFSET is actually pitching one of the voices.

Seems like the sequencer values are off by one or something when in this configuration?

Below is the patch I'm using. Sorry if this has been reported elsewhere, I couldn't see it on the bug spreadsheet.

<Aalto pluginVersion="66816" presetName="Chord4" scaleName="12-equal" key_voices="4" key_unison="1" key_glide="0.014999999664723873" seq_retrig="1" seq_rate="0" seq_ratio="1.5" seq_rate_p="-8.9406967163085938e-008" seq_steps_p="4" seq_offset_p="1" seq_range="8" seq_quantize="1" seq_pw="0" seq_value1="0.55000001192092896" seq_value2="0.89999997615814209" seq_value15="1" lfo_freq="3.4099998474121094" lfo_level_p="1.2799999713897705" env1_attack="9.7920007705688477" env1_decay="1.4399999380111694" env1_release="0.14000000059604645" env2_repeat="0" env2_trig_select="2" env2_attack_p="-0.93999999761581421" env2_repeat_p="-4" osc_noise="0.029999999329447746" osc_ratio="3" osc_offset="2.9802322387695313e-006" osc_index="0.29999998211860657" osc_timbre="0.11999999731779099" osc_pitch="110" osc_waveshape="3.7252902984619141e-009" osc_noise_p="0.15999996662139893" osc_ratio_p="-8.9406967163085938e-008" osc_index_p="-2.2351741790771484e-007" osc_waveshape_p="0.99999994039535522" osc_carrier_out="1" gate_mode="1" gate_decay="0" delay_input="0.35999998450279236" delay_peakfreq="10000" delay_drive="0.56999999284744263" delay_peakres="-2.6600000858306885" delay_feedback="0.53999996185302734" delay_freq="6.875" delay_freq_p="3.9999997615814209" delay_output_wet="1" filter_mix="-0.16678041219711304" output_reverb="0.68999999761581421" patcher_input_1="0000000000000000100000000000000" patcher_input_3="0010000000010000000000000000000" patcher_input_5="0000000000000000001000000000000" patcher_input_11="0000000000000000100000000000000" patcher_input_13="0000000000000000000100000000000" editor_x="0" editor_y="27" editor_width="912" editor_height="624" editor_num="1" editor_anim="1"/>


No probs, it's not a life or death bug, just wanted to point it out! Thanks for the explanation. Who'd of thought 0's and 1's could get so complex when they group en masse?

Patch, thanks. No word of sycophantism - Aalto and Kaivo are my favourite software instruments. They are so musical and deep, very rewarding to explore and use. They inspire sonically and conceptually.

"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations". Not my words, but the words of Awesome Welles.