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We´r dying to sneak a peak Randy:-)

Late to the party! Just found out about Virta today:D So much looking forward to this!!

Hey All.

I´ve been away from Aalto a little while (shame on me) and today I just tried updating from 1.4.B6 to version 1.5.0 and the first thing I noticed was, that alot of my patches are all screwed up. Did Randy change something that have made older patches obsolete? I mostly noticed changes with patches using the internal sequencer. Some of the old patchdump library patches (with int seq) are all screwed up and drifting around. So, any way to fix this? Can I have new and older versions of Aalto installed at the same time?

Problem occurs on Win 7, 64bit, using either Renoise or Fl Studio.

Best Regards


Hey Randy.

Thank you for your reply. Luckily I still had the 1.4.b6 installer so everything is running fine again:) I´ll just wait for 1.6.

Man, this synth it so ****ing great:D