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so I was just thinking about the aalto/kaivo patchbay and wondered about an alternate version more along the lines of a switch matrix patchbay. It would be neat to be able to switch between modes or maybe it would have to be an alternate version. I'm sure this has been brought up before and randy has most likely already thought about implementing it.
it would potentially be a lot of attenuverters though...

Hmm, I think that the patcher is a much more readable UI.

Exactly. Patcher is much more readable UI and works very well with modulation system. This is the soul of these instruments. Hardly imaginable other way. :)

I like using the matrix on Xils version of VCS3, and it does have the advantage of almost unlimited expansion, and I think provides a better overview of current modulations and routings (as wires don't cross) than the patch-bay.

but on the flip side, Aalto is MUCH less fiddly to use, and I think more intuitive initially.

my fear is the patcher is getting hemmed in, there are a few extra modulation sources (e.g OSC strips) and targets (e.g. envelope control, wet/dry levels) that would appear a lot of work to add in the UI... whereas the matrix would be easy.

I cannot imagine, how this concept is going to work with the 'future' full ML modular, I don't think they'll be enough exposed space on one edge of each modular.

but having both, I think may be a lot of extra dev work, for little benefit.

perhaps, Aalto could move to a system similar to the make noise modular?
so allow wires to go between any location in a module (like bazille/ace etc), but have a CV shared bus, which allow some of the more common CVs to be made tidy in the middle.

I say this, as I think in UI terms, this shared bus could be quite similar to the current patch bay concept, but perhaps just a little more organised (=rigid) e.g. run the bus in parallel lines, with same colour cables, and possibly take a little less space, so that the modules can have more space... which could then be used for the extra CV inlet and outlets.

another idea, would be to extend the patch bay, along the edges of the modules, so have some space between each module, and route the cabled up there and into the side...
not very conventional, but would keep the module face clean, and the inlets could be closed to the associated control (vertically).

but hey, UI design is hard... cramming too much functionality in, makes things complicated and ultimately less useable, and I think the clean design is one of the reasons why I use Aalto so much. ( I also use Valhalla plugins for a similar reason), and Im confident Randy has considered all the above before, and decide against, or has 'a plan' :)

I think I am finally set back up to really give Aalto another go after going the hardware route as it initially inspired me towards that route in the first place

TouchOSC controlling Aalto is way fun