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Hi Randy, is there any chance that the Soundplane would be able to support the new HD MIDI protocol? Might be a way for it to talk to things without a computer, assuming that this is even possible. Would it be too much for the on-board DSP to handle? Just dreamin'... :-)

This is the first I've heard about it. So I have no idea, but I will look into it!

Is there any news on it?

Last I heard, is that at NAMM 2015 the MMA had their annual HD meeting, but they have had held this every year for 10 years. I suspect its going to be quite awhile before they release the specs yet, and even then sometime before hardware and software supports.

One thing that could be done in the current Soundplane software is to support 14 bit midi CC, in the same way as the Continuum/Eigenharps do. Id be willing to add this to the source, once you are in a position to accept 3rd party changes to the software. (I don't need myself as i use OSC)

ref : midi hd news

Yeah, I figure it will still be a while, but these guys ( say that their interface will be able to support the new protocol when it comes out, so there might be some solid info out there (unless they're bluffing!). I'd be interested in 14-bit CC in the meantime though!

How is HD MIDI different? We have 14-bit Pitch Bend (X), and at least the potential for 14-bit CC for expression (Y) and pressure (Z). I didn't realize that the Soundplane client didn't produce 14-bit CC already, so I'm wondering whether anyone has added that feature. It should be relatively easy to add.

Testing could be done with something like the Encore Expressionist MIDI-to-CV, which has 16-bit D/A ranging from -3V to +10V. What hardware synths out there support 14-bit CC modulation?

I think you still need to be a member of MMA to have seen the draft HD midi spec.
(unless someone here knows of a draft in the public domain?)

yeah, adding 14 bit CC to soundplane client is easy.
(mpe spec stupidly (imho) didn't cater for this... as at least continuum/eigenharp can already deal with it)

to be honest though, Ive not bothered adding it to my version of the soundplane client yet, simple because my experience with the eigenharp software (eigend) which does support 14bit, is very few synths support it.

Id be amazed if there are any hardware synths out there that can support 14 bit midi and voice per channel.

saying that, I can easily add this to Axoloti ( if there is a demand... i added mpe already, and I could do a 14 bit mpe extension, as well as a multi 14 bit version.

one 'issue' with the current soundplane software, is its really tight on UI space to put extra options, in my version, I've removed the buttons (like mpe/pressure) and replaced with a combo dropdown which allows me to switch between different mode (single w/ channel pressure, single w/ poly pressure, mpe, multi 11/74/76, multi cp/1/3 etc).

I've used the environment in Logic Studio Pro to both generate and respond to 14-bit CC as a test, but I've not actually checked whether any of my synths support it. Does Zebra?

Considering that this is one of those chicken-and-egg situations, maybe if you add support for 14-bit CC to Axoloti, more people would become aware of it and think about adding support elsewhere.

The Livid Instruments Ohm64 and family support 14-bit CC generation, but it's difficult to find a control surface that's accurate enough.

HD MIDI sounds like a bold departure, but I think we've yet to tap the limits of 1983 MIDI.

DAWs tend to support 14 bit CC, which is cool for automation of VSTs (since this is don't using floats) , but this of course is not voice per channel.
u-he synths which support voice per channel, I think only do this for CCs and these are fixed and are 7bit only.

Its a good idea I'll add 14 bit support in Axoloti, for all midi modes, i.e. mono, poly, multi channel and mpe ... quite simple to do.
then I'll add it to my SP client.

useful as Axoloti, doesn't have OSC (as its usb/midi din) only... and also I know a few continuum users with Axoloti so they will appreciate it :)

Keep us posted, thetechnobear, and maybe even create a new thread (separate from HD MIDI) when your Axoloti supports 14-bit CC. If it works well, I hope the offical Soundplane client will support 14-bit CC out of the box.

14 bit CC support added to Axoloti ... will be in next release (but can supply if required)
Ive also added 14 bit MPE support, using the Continuums low data CC number (85,86,87).
it uses the principles as described by Leepold H, to ensure we don't get stepping.

I also added 14 bit MPE support to my version of the soundplane client, only took about 15 minutes :)


MPE implementation

X - CC 85, used to extend PB to 21 bits, useful for large slide ranges (think 96 note continuum)
Y - CC 87, combines with CC 75 to give 14 bit
Z - CC 86, combines with channel pressure to give 14 bit

additional CC 14 bit support in Axoloti

new CC object, defaults to CC + 32 = low data

new CC object, specify CC for use with high and low data (useful where 14 bit 'standard' is not followed