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Hi Randy, is there any chance that the Soundplane would be able to support the new HD MIDI protocol? Might be a way for it to talk to things without a computer, assuming that this is even possible. Would it be too much for the on-board DSP to handle? Just dreamin'... :-)

Here's a (possibly dumb) idea-- how about a Bluetooth chip in the module? While it would add a little to the cost, it would also enable direct transfer of zone maps, tuning scales etc, and maybe some live diagnostic information back to a computer (or tablet??), while mostly eliminating the need for an integrated display. Not that I am necessarily against the display; I like pretty colors.

I'm totally into this! How would zone maps be uploaded? Would there be a USB device jack as well as the host port? Or could there be a Soundplane firmware update that allows zone maps to be stored on the Soundplane itself?
I also second the devil's advocate MIDI interface idea. There are plenty of great existing MIDI to CV hardware devices out there at the moment, and using MIDI as the basic protocol might allow for more customization to individual needs for this kind of thing. Of course, the sacrifice would be the usual MIDI pitfalls of bandwidth, quantization, etc. Either way, I am super excited about the possibility of a computer-less Soundplane!

Yeah, I figure it will still be a while, but these guys ( say that their interface will be able to support the new protocol when it comes out, so there might be some solid info out there (unless they're bluffing!). I'd be interested in 14-bit CC in the meantime though!

Hi Randy, the new client software is registering a lot of noise i.e. unintentional touches from the Soundplane compared to the old software. Any idea what would be causing this? Maybe the default "expert" settings are different or something. Is there any kind of quick tutorial you could throw together that would explain how these parameters interact so that we can fine tune the response from the Soundplane ourselves? Thanks

Recalibrating does not help. For what it's worth, it seems like most of the noise is coming from the edges and appears to be a sympathetic response to pressure in other areas of the Soundplane. No problems with the older software though, so I'll keep using that until there's a fix. Thanks and good luck!

Are there some settings in the client (expert page maybe) for optimizing the Soundplane to recognize independent touches that are close together? I'm having some trouble getting it to respond reliably to two touches on adjacent squares.