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It's damp and chilly, and I hear the gray pitter patter of endless rain. Looking out my window I see gray sky, gray water, gray trees and gray clouds. That's right, it's Christmas in Seattle.

Because of your support of Aalto these past few months, I can now work full time to bring you more software and hardware to make music with. And that is something I am very thankful for. I am very excited about what we will have to offer this coming year: Aalto for Windows, the Soundplane A, and more software instruments that are even farther off the beaten path.

As a small way to say thanks, today I'm releasing Aaltoverb for Mac OS X. Aaltoverb is just the reverb section from Aalto, packaged up as its own plugin and with mix and brightness knobs added. It won't replace your ValhallaShimmer, but it is easy on the CPU and on the eyes, and I hope it makes a nice addition to your box of colors. Download it here: [Aaltoverb.dmg]

Happy holidays and all best wishes for the new year!


And, a day later, Aaltoverb 1.1.1 is out! During my morning-after listening I found I had changed the sound a little too much when adding the brightness control, taking away some of the magic. So now the brightness is not as useful but the magic is back.

awesome! love the verb. thank you!

you guys are racist when it comes to operating systems. I have been coming to this site for a few months now waiting for the windows version of aalto. Weak, not everyone is privaledged enough to have tons of cash around to spend on overpriced apple computers.

Hi downeyst,

First: be nice! This is not a place for namecalling, whether directed at me or anyone else.

Second, you have no idea what you are talking about. Think about it for a minute. Of course, if I could wave my magic wand and make the Windows version be done today, so I could ship it and make some money, I would do it. Unfortunately, it takes hard work. If you really want to know anything about the development process, ask me.

Happy Boxing Day! Thanks for the holiday message randy. As a windows user myself I wanted to chime in and say I disagree with downeyst. I too have been excited about Aalto since I heard about it, but I for one am waiting patiently because I know randy is working hard. I also know it's going to be worth the wait! Thanks for all your hard work randy and thanks for being active on the forums communicating with us about the development process. I appreciate the sound examples too!

Wow! Thanks for the reverb; something I consider an integral part of Aalto but a great sound in it's own right. I've been using Aalto on almost every track that needs a "WTF" sound, and even chordy stuff. As someone who's looking to build a dedicated WIndows box just for music I'll be excited when you get finished with the work on Aalto for that platform as well!

One feature request that would be cool... is there any way that you can consider implementing an offline rendering mode with oversampling so we can work in our session with moderate CPU use then render in high quality?

Thanks again for Aalto!

Aalto has a different approach to avoiding aliasing than most softsynths. Oversampling is only one piece of the puzzle. I could make a kind of "draft mode" that did not do oversampling, but it would not sound as good. On the other hand there's lots of work I can do still to make it run faster with the sounds the way they are. So while there's room to improve there I'll focus on that.

Hi there!
First of all i wish you a very happy new year!
Just wanted to ask if you could just tell us more about the developpment of the Windows version of Aalto?
When can we reasonably expect it to be delivered? a few months? later?
I just want to know more because i keep my money for it at the moment...
Thanks by advance

Hi, right now February is my best guess. It could take longer but I hope not.

February-ish sounds good. I can totally wait until then. If you get the chance could you upload another teaser video for us win users;
another Valse mechanique or something percussive would be awesome.
PS. Us win users aren't just full of demands. Please let us know when we can be of help too. I'd be happy pickup a license to help beta test even :P Enjoy the snow while it lasts!

I'll announce the Win beta here first. I will definitely make another video when I need a break from developing!

Looking forward to this!

Just found this.....lovely surprise!


oooh..32bit only :(

Possible 64bit for use within Ableton Live 9 64bit

I have a new free project coming soon that will take the place of Aaltoverb...stay tuned.

just revisiting this thread whilst thinking of the free Reverb. and how it was only 32bit.
and you mentioned a new free project taking the place of Aaltoverb...?
curious about this,.
i absolutely love the reverb in aalto.

Yep! It's going to be a little while after Kaivo comes out, stay tuned.

sweet. thanks Randy