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I've just loaded up a project from a year ago and the tuning in kaivo has changed. I am using the partch greek scale. Most notes are the same but some are shifted by one or two places.....a bit odd.

Has anyone else had similar issues?


Sorry Randy....I didn't see the was the Partch Greek scale......

OK thanks Randy.

I'll send over a MIDI file and a recording of before and after.

Hey Randy.....I know other people have mentioned Aalto hardware before but really is there any chance of this at some point?

Any chance of opening it to Kickstarter or something, or is the whole idea of a hardware synth too fraught with pitfalls?

It's just a synth I would love to play forever, and although I have tried hard to find a way in Eurorack it just aint the same.

Yeah there are a few intriguing problems to overcome for sure....but nothing prohibitive I reckon :)

Maybe a hardware manufacturer would partner you......

Anyway I am just openly dreaming here, but thought I should at least throw the idea in the ring...!

It's a thing of day......

Just found this.....lovely surprise!


I'm getting graphics glitches with the full version, which i didn't get with the demo. Nothing major, simply that some of the patch cables disappear from view intermittently whilst plugging or unplugging other cables.
This is in Logic 8.02, OSX 10.5.8, MacPro Dual 2.8Ghz

hi randy

firstly can I say that it's a beautiful piece of software. very inspiring and sounding incredible.

I've had a minor issue with the Logic automation, in that it doesn't record in 'write' or 'touch' or 'latch' mode. However it does draw in perfectly OK.

my system:

MacPro 2 x 2.8GHz quad core
OSX 10.5.8
Logic Pro 8.02