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The noise source is really great. I wish I could use it as an audio source. But it's stuck up in the control section, where you can't plug it in anywhere to hear it.

Is there a workaround I'm missing? Any chance of a future update relaxing the 'no sound from top half modules' restriction?

Hmm, possibly a "direct" input to the gate?

I just found a workaround: load a file into the granulator that consists solely of a DC offset, then patch the noise module to the gate level.

The DC offset WAV I made is available here:
(that site may be going away soon; feel free to contact me at eric dot moon at geemail dot com for a copy)

@seiche -- your DC offset Wav file -- just a constant value of 65535 or something?

I can draw my own in Sound Forge!.

I will have to experiment with 'pathological' wav files in the granulator.

Yep! I used Audacity (with the help of someone's "DC Offset" plugin) to make this one but there are innumerable ways to skin this particular cat.