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Do you have an audio interface for your Macbook, or are you using the line in/out jacks? Even with the stock analog-to-digital converter, I think you could likely record some really nice Kaivo palettes (perhaps with a bit of editing after the fact). If you want to keep it digital, I think there are some nice audio recording solutions in IOS 7, but I haven't updated my iPad to 7 yet.

Yep! I used Audacity (with the help of someone's "DC Offset" plugin) to make this one but there are innumerable ways to skin this particular cat.

I just found a workaround: load a file into the granulator that consists solely of a DC offset, then patch the noise module to the gate level.

The DC offset WAV I made is available here:
(that site may be going away soon; feel free to contact me at eric dot moon at geemail dot com for a copy)

Hands-down the funnest software project I've ever been part of. Cheers, Randy!

That's correct: the Import command isn't implemented yet. Nor is on-the-fly loading of new samples, so for now you'll need to re-instantiate Kaivo for files to show up after you copy them into the Samples directory.