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First, congrats on the release of Kaivo! Only scratched the surface but it really seems like a special breed of granulator…

I checked the pdf manual and all, but still can't find how to import my own sounds. In the granulator module, the 'Import' feature is greyed out… Is this a demo limitation?


Import is greyed out on my purchased copy as well.

That's correct: the Import command isn't implemented yet. Nor is on-the-fly loading of new samples, so for now you'll need to re-instantiate Kaivo for files to show up after you copy them into the Samples directory.

To be clear, you CAN load your own samples right now! You just have to do it by putting them into the Samples directory yourself outside the program. They are standard WAV files-- instructions are in the read_me_first file that came with your download.

Hi there, first congratulations for this amazing granular synth Randy.
But to reload this post, I asked myself if it would be possible to have a deeper directory file inside the "import" section of the Kaivo? I mean a kind of root menu like Windows for example: C: D: H:, in order to quickly find and load the samples when you are on Kaivo.
It would be great to keep the maximum of inspiration and would avoid to go to windows, to search the samples, to copy them etc and back to Kaivo.
I hope to be clear

@enko... I think I see what you mean. I could make some different starting points in the "from" menu that would be saved.

A related note on the Kaivo 1.1 import dialog; it appears as if under Mac OS X the dialog will only allow navigation of the root filesystem (i.e. /)? For whatever reason /Volumes is hidden.

On my main machine / only contains the OS and Applications while all the samples and music bits are on a drive called "Media" which OS X mounts under /Volumes/Media.

Curiously one can browse through symlink'ed directories...

(I'm on Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.9 for what that's worth)

Ah, OK, I'll address this in the next update.

This weird import dialog bug also happens here. Win7 64Bit. The dialog only allows navigation of the root file system. Volumes are suppressed / hidden. Just for the Info.

OK, now I see enko was talking about the same problem. It's easy to fix-- just an oversight / lacking feature because I never have any external volumes connected here.

Hi, it's nice to see that other harddisks like D: will be added, as this bugs me quite a lot, since I have all my samples on my second hard disk.

Another cool feature would be if you could simply add a sample by drag & drop, for example from Live's Browser. That would be awesome.

This is a quite funny bug. The folders shown for me is the root folders of my 'P:' drive which is the last disk in my system out of 5 disks. Hopefully it'll get adressed sooner than later. :-)

I have to get the Aalto update out first, then will address this ASAP.

One more user looking forward to imports from other drives than C: :)

Hi randy, is the feature that shows you also your D: drive when importing samples still planned for the next Kaivo update ?

Yes, certainly.