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Thank you for aalto. I really love it!

I do music / sound design in multichannel setup's and would therefore love to have the possibility to route each aalto voice to it's own output, for separate spatialization. I have no idea about signal processing of VST's etc, so I don't know how complex a task it is - but it would indeed be very cool :)

I got the idea because you mention in the manual that each voice is kind of it's own instance of the entire aalto, as far as I remember?

Have a great day! - and looking forward to Kaivo! :)


bump! :)

I would imagine this may fall more under the heading of "new project in the future"

that is just my guess as it would fit so nicely into the more fully modular project randy has been vaguely hinting at for a while.

that being said I would love it for aalto to have individual outs

Thanks for the feedback, I'll kick this around for v.2 ideas.

+1 it would be useful

  • 1, this would be extremly usefull for spatial. until then, i have to work with multiple instances and then always copy all modulations...

Wow, old thread... but a good idea! Thanks for posting.