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Hi, I really like synths that have the facility to generate random patches. Even if only 1 out of 20 makes a sound initially, it gives you a new starting point to find sounds you wouldn't have otherwise.

I think all soft synths should have a button to do this! A single button would be the least obtrusive, get what you get, or the idea could be made flexible, partial randomness, safe randomness, etc. (but the full random single button would get my vote).

One of the hurdles to this idea would be that there isn't an easy way to automate patching as far as I know

but yes this is a great premise
I am thinking about building the functionality into my touchosc interface

If you are interested in random and Aalto, here a patch ( work in progress)made for Usine, works with the current free version (Mac and Pc)
Be sure to sets you Plug-in folder with Aalto (and do a rescan) before loading the patch

Here a little part
here a little part

There's also a switch Usine /Aalto: use it to alternate edit mode: in Aalto mode you can change parameters from the Aalto Gui, inverse for the Usine mode.

you can also create automation with the record icon ( click this icon , then move a knob on Usine gui)

ask if you need Help

Ive been getting around this by using Bidule, and automating sweeps through Bidule's plugin preset manager while randomizing the parameters at the same time, constantly having different wiring configurations and random knobs settings.

if youve got windows, cantabile lite is great - the free version randomises patches, without messing with the routing and you can save patches...

pretty cool for free soft! you only need to restart the sequencer and youve got from 0 - 100% randoms

it really makes a difference because you keep the sequencer routing so you have you 'original' patch without messing with it too much!