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i tried to search and the search function was no functional..

any chance of a VST of the reverb? (with controls for the parameters and id buy it for £50 :]

or on its own? love you guys!

it really makes a difference because you keep the sequencer routing so you have you 'original' patch without messing with it too much!

if youve got windows, cantabile lite is great - the free version randomises patches, without messing with the routing and you can save patches...

pretty cool for free soft! you only need to restart the sequencer and youve got from 0 - 100% randoms


is this going to be implemented? I get some awesome sequences that are very usable but they are all at 10bpm - I really want them to be even slower!

we need a divide /2/4/8/16/32/64 for the sequencer speed - ive hear others wanting a feature also. ..

? thanks for a great synth nonetheless


brilliant - 1.3 here we come:]