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Hi, sorry if this has been covered before.. When using more than one voice and modulating something with the lfo, for example the cutoff frequency, each voice gets its own filter value separated from each other, so if at a given time in the lfo cycle voice 1 have a low cut-off point, voice 2 may have a higher cut-off point etc. I wonder if there is a way to sync the modulation for every voice?


If there were a way to sync the LFO to the host, this would synchronize all the voices. People have asked for this feature before, so I will look into doing this at some point soon.

Could be wrong but I feel like he was asking not about tempo sync to the DAW, but how does one use multiple voices without the value spread, e.g. can you have one value for the LFO -> filter freq shared by multiple voices.

But maybe that's what you meant Randy :)

two birds, one stone... having tempo or sequencer sync would be a way to sync all the LFOs to each other as well. If you don’t sync them the LFOs will drift apart by design.

Oh, I see. Derp! Sorry - I thought there was another/different way, or would be in the future.