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Hey I´m obviously missing something here, but I can´t find my aalto download in my user section. It should be up to the right, but its neither in [My Account] or in [my licences]. What am I doing wrong here..?


Thank you very much, that was it!

best regards

Hi, sorry if this has been covered before.. When using more than one voice and modulating something with the lfo, for example the cutoff frequency, each voice gets its own filter value separated from each other, so if at a given time in the lfo cycle voice 1 have a low cut-off point, voice 2 may have a higher cut-off point etc. I wonder if there is a way to sync the modulation for every voice?


The reverb in this synth is the best i´ve ever heard!

I would love to have an audio input on Aalto in order to be able to use the reverb as an fx. Im sure there are many other interesting uses of an audio inputs aswell, xmod etc

Love this device



Nice! thanks