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Are there some settings in the client (expert page maybe) for optimizing the Soundplane to recognize independent touches that are close together? I'm having some trouble getting it to respond reliably to two touches on adjacent squares.

Hi Ben,

Depending on the way you have pitches arranged on the keyboard, you can get half-steps by either playing adjacent columns at different y positions (with continuous x pitch) or separated by a row (with rows in fourths).

In theory it will be possible to do a better job with adjacent keys in the future, with smarter software. But for now, it's a limitation of the instrument. Simultaneous touches need to be separated by a single key, or with careful playing, one step diagonally from each other.

just adding my desire for doing '...a better job with adjacent keys in the future, with smarter software.', as i still have dificulty with diagonal presses. cheers.

I'm confident I can do better with adjacent keys. I have a few other things fighting for my attention now, like Aalto for Soundplane. When the software settles down a little, I can work on the proximity issue.

While designing the surface I thought long and hard about how many key divisions to make. Right now there are two sensors under each key horizontally. I could have had three under each, making adjacent touches possible right away, with fewer keys overall. But I opted for more keys and what seemed like a comfortable key size for playing melodic lines.

The fingering workarounds I describe in the manual, and the fact of the Continuum having the same issue, helped me decide the current setup was the right balance.

I just experimented with proximity a bit and can offer some advice. If you go to the Expert page and turn smoothing all the way down, and then template up high, past 0.5 or so, then you can get two touches closer together. Adjacent keys should work with these settings, if long as the touches are as far from each other as possible.

The smoothing and the template matching are two different ways of rejecting noise, so by doing this you are increasing the noise level. But the recent instruments are quiet, so the tradeoff may be worth it to you.