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I just tried the demo version and realized I needed to change my audio driver. After I changed it to ASIO, it ran PERFECT!

This is on a cheap $350 Dell laptop, no clicks or pops running in FL studio at 4 voices!

I plan on buying Aalto once I get the extra $99. But I am really stoked you guys. These are the sounds I want to make, and no other VST can do this at the moment from what I have seen.

Way more complex sounds even when compared to the Moog Modular V.

Just bought it! I had to choose a new username email thing, but I did it!


But why did you have to change your username?

Actually I didn't need too, I thought I did because of the PayPal stuff, now that I'm looking at it. I'm having a blast though. :D

good, just making sure things are working OK

How complex sounds are we talking about? I MIGHT be able to help.
No promises what so ever, am just willing to give it a try and help if possible.
Also in past 2years I have used and tried over dosens of vst's, I mean don't we all ?
We all need to pass through loads of vst's till we discover the one or cople that would do our job and what we want them to do, depending again on our needs :p