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How complex sounds are we talking about? I MIGHT be able to help.
No promises what so ever, am just willing to give it a try and help if possible.
Also in past 2years I have used and tried over dosens of vst's, I mean don't we all ?
We all need to pass through loads of vst's till we discover the one or cople that would do our job and what we want them to do, depending again on our needs :p

I really like the Soundplane congratulations !!
Looks really ordered, Its a shame there isn't good performance video, coz having someone studying it from scratch and showing what the Soundplane is capable of would actually make the customer more interested in the product :p. Even Jordan Rudess seemed pretty fresh when he played it and rather more confused coz the way he played was pretty much random =/, even tho I expected him to rock out the instrument. :)

How does the Soundplane work, note wise, whats the pattern?
And is there any way of checking the instrument out before buying it?

-Korg x50 (inc Software)

-Korg sp-100

-Korg nanoKontrol

-M-Audio Keystation 61es

-Yamaha MG10/2 (Mixing Console)

-KRK systems/Rokit 5

-Roland TD-9KX (with double bass)

-Marshall Advanced Valvestate Technilogy (120w)

-Korg ToneWorks AX1500G

-Jackson RR-X10D

-Acoustic guitar (no brand, excellent quality)

-Classical guitar (no brand, excellent quality)

-A some really crappy old Encore Stratocaster which am fixing at the moment, its basically in 3 parts XD.

-Proel VolumeControl

-Ipod/Iphone (morphwiz, samplewiz, moog etc)

-PC which kicks ass with two monitors (for recording)

-Toshiba Lap-top (for recording)

-Running Cubase 5

-Main VST:
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Spectrasonics Trillian (just got it)
Korg; LegacyCell, MS20, Polysix, Wavestatotion
Moog Modular V2
Nord Rack 2
Edirol Orchestral

Temporarily using:
Boss PedalBoard BCB-60
Boss Digital Delay DD-3
Super Chorus CH-1
Distortion DS-1

Considering to get Absynth 5 VST(or the latest ver)been playing around with it and i really like it.

Gear to purchase soon:
Orange amp 60w
Greenhouse: Nobrainer distortion
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Steinberg CI2