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Just curious what kind of hardware gear Aalto users own.
I own an Alesis Ion, a Waldorf Blofeld, a DSI Mopho keyboard and a Teenage Engineering OP-1. Next buy: either the DSI Tempest or an Elektron Octatrack.

So what about you guys?


  • one laptop and some software and a Duet interface.
  • akg k240 headphones.
  • Clevinger six-string electric upright bass.
  • cardboard cello.
  • ancient, blown, Event TR6 monitors
  • Chemex coffeemaker, large.
  • Zig-Zag rolling papers, "ultra-thin".
  • a beat-up bicycle.

If anyone feels like loaning me up to a couple thousand bucks I would like to get:

  • a Fenix synth and sequencer.
  • a Soundplane controller.
  • new pair of monitors.
  • a decent bike.

This is fun.

I have some gear that's been sadly neglected since I started Madrona Labs. I'll definitely use some of it alongside my new instruments when I can get back to making music. SH-101 and MS-20 will be in this category. The Maestro electric piano too.

Sold an Arp 2600 and Obie 4-voice to pay rent when I was starting the company! I don't regret it. Priorities ya know.

-Korg x50 (inc Software)

-Korg sp-100

-Korg nanoKontrol

-M-Audio Keystation 61es

-Yamaha MG10/2 (Mixing Console)

-KRK systems/Rokit 5

-Roland TD-9KX (with double bass)

-Marshall Advanced Valvestate Technilogy (120w)

-Korg ToneWorks AX1500G

-Jackson RR-X10D

-Acoustic guitar (no brand, excellent quality)

-Classical guitar (no brand, excellent quality)

-A some really crappy old Encore Stratocaster which am fixing at the moment, its basically in 3 parts XD.

-Proel VolumeControl

-Ipod/Iphone (morphwiz, samplewiz, moog etc)

-PC which kicks ass with two monitors (for recording)

-Toshiba Lap-top (for recording)

-Running Cubase 5

-Main VST:
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Spectrasonics Trillian (just got it)
Korg; LegacyCell, MS20, Polysix, Wavestatotion
Moog Modular V2
Nord Rack 2
Edirol Orchestral

Temporarily using:
Boss PedalBoard BCB-60
Boss Digital Delay DD-3
Super Chorus CH-1
Distortion DS-1

Considering to get Absynth 5 VST(or the latest ver)been playing around with it and i really like it.

Gear to purchase soon:
Orange amp 60w
Greenhouse: Nobrainer distortion
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Steinberg CI2

  • 1989 yamaha recording cuztom drumset with a dw-5000 double pedal.
  • roland spd-sx with a kd-9 trigger bd.
  • korg wavedrum oriental limited edition
  • core i7 cuttom built desktop and toshiba laptop running Ableton live 9 or audiomulch. All of u-he plugins (been beta testing for them). Mobius looper, mux, reaktor, absynth,ect.
  • crappy little oxygen25.
  • audio technica ath-m50 headphones.
  • roland octacapture soundcard (awesome)
  • m-audio delta1010 and an audiophile

old gear I don't use so much:

  • yamaha dx-7
  • roland pc-70
  • roland r8 with all the expansion cards
  • simmons sds-9
  • simmons sds-8
  • simmons sds-1000
  • roland pad-8

Ultimetly I'd like to get:

  • drumit five electronic drumset or a roland one.
  • a new 61 note keyboard controller. Not sure which one.
  • a chapman stick
  • a malletkat controller.
  • quality drum mics.
  • more but I'm dreaming here.

Be curious to know how people use Aalto also.

I pretty much tweakit live while jamming with the spd-sx-wavedrum on top. I'll also play chords or bassline with the left hand and playing a beat with my left hand/right foot on the spd-sx and doing backvocals. We are only 2 in the band but we both share musical duties. It sounds like a full band pretty much.

So far Aaalto is my favorite synth for tweaking live since everything is pretty much in yo face and patchable.

Er. I own a collection that might look like a museum collection to most of you/ I'dd advice you to have a look at my website at (if you dare!).

Kaivo is actaully my first foray into plugins after some bad early experiences with Native Instruments B4 Hammond simulator.

Marc Brassé

I won't cause myself pain by listing all the instruments that have passed into and back out of my fingers over the years. I wish someone had told me everyone would still want an tr-808! My studio is pretty cut and dry, and I make mainly dnb.

-Pair of Rockit 5's / Pair of Sennheiser HD380 pro's

-Focusrise Scarlett 2i4

-Korg Wavestation (love)

-Korg Radias rack

-Novation Nova rack

-Elektron Machinedrum SPS1-UW

-83RX Biamp Mixer (I love the spring verb)

-DBX 120A (for weaponizing bass)

-Zoom H6 Recorder, for all mobile sampling

-A Rugged Old Dell Inspiron I got new for 199$ 3 years ago

-Misc guitars/basses/couple drum kits downstairs. Many random amps.

PS: Brassee, your collection looks awesome! And for the record while I never feel good having a computer on stage I have had more show stopping problems with good old analog gear. Amps more than anything, but my old juno 106 let me down a few times live. I think it had dco's, but you get what I'm saying.

Ah, other hardware buffs do still exist.

I've got a whole list of issues with these old things but the "fun" side is that one learns a lot about repairing and even modyfing this old analog stuff in the process. Did youa have a look at my special projects? Ever seen a fully programmbale E70 oozing with CS80 technology. Have a look at my Son OF GX project. Want some Kaivo avant la lettre. Look at my Starship One setup.

Recently I resored the sixt voice on my Yamaha CS70. Now I am trying to revive a very rare one: The Crucialnelly Compacsynth. That one however ahs so many issues it'll probably end in something close to a full electronic restoration.

And those Rhodes Chroma's stil need a new power suplly and, and adn, Jadajadajada.