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Very excited to try this new synth! Thank you for the updating us on it's development.

I didn't see a topic for linking to new samples so I'll just paste some links here. If anyone can't get dropbox links let me know and I'll email them to you or something. All of these are made from scratch and are free for anyone to use for any reason.

So first off here are a few 4 chan .wav files I made to do some soundscape type things.

These are some more multisamples in the same general vein as the last. Most of these are recorded with my zoom h6 and a few contact mics. I have pulled from these recordings a few times for washes etc. All of these loop pretty good.

I won't cause myself pain by listing all the instruments that have passed into and back out of my fingers over the years. I wish someone had told me everyone would still want an tr-808! My studio is pretty cut and dry, and I make mainly dnb.

-Pair of Rockit 5's / Pair of Sennheiser HD380 pro's

-Focusrise Scarlett 2i4

-Korg Wavestation (love)

-Korg Radias rack

-Novation Nova rack

-Elektron Machinedrum SPS1-UW

-83RX Biamp Mixer (I love the spring verb)

-DBX 120A (for weaponizing bass)

-Zoom H6 Recorder, for all mobile sampling

-A Rugged Old Dell Inspiron I got new for 199$ 3 years ago

-Misc guitars/basses/couple drum kits downstairs. Many random amps.

PS: Brassee, your collection looks awesome! And for the record while I never feel good having a computer on stage I have had more show stopping problems with good old analog gear. Amps more than anything, but my old juno 106 let me down a few times live. I think it had dco's, but you get what I'm saying.

I'm not totally sure I understand, but if you are looking for stand alone SOFTWARE to run kaivo I just opened it fine in minihost (old and free).

If you are looking for stand alone HARDWARE my personal advice is just get a fairly quick rack mounted pc. Or just get a laptop for kaivo. I would imagine it works fine on any of the hardware units kicking around these days, but I don't have one to test.

Don't be embarrassed, I just did the same thing and was about to make a similar post before I read this one. So actually, thanks for the help levendis!

Thanks for checking them out. Uploaded a few more.

I did these in sound forge, but I've done it in audacity too. The easiest way I found to make the multichannel wav files is to open one of the original samples and paste mono tracks over that. It was so much easier to replace the original 4 tracks than it was to make a file from scratch (it seemed to have errors from sound forge).

Thanks for checking them out, I will keep posting whatever multi samples I come up with here.

Sorry I had to wait for the sale to afford Kaivo, glad I saw that email in time. Thanks Randy! Hopefully I'll have some cool sounds to upload soon.