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I've been playing with soft synths for around a year but Aalto has been such a great time since I purchased it... I was looking for a MPE compatible to find a few sounds, forget about the synth and just play the Linnstrument but it is so easy to patch this cable or turn that knob and say "ah" or "oh" that I barely have played the Linnstrument since I got the synth.

It is nice to have everything on one page. Aalto makes experimenting enjoyable and invites to explore both from the default patch or just tweaking some of the many presets already there.

For use with the Linnstrument I've created a new default patch and have been saving the ones I like in new folders changing a few parameters (basically pitch bend to 12 semitones, this works best for me).

Anyway, just wanted to share that I'm very happy with this synth.

Thanks very much for writing. I love hearing that Aalto's design is helping you make your own patches for Linnstrument. Enjoy, and keep in touch!

Aalto is a well suited plugin for polyphonic aftertouch keyboards. Madrona Labs synths not only makes one happy, they keep one happy for a long time.