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Randy, do you have any idea of when?
iOS is becoming a modular heaven. I could easily imagine Madronalabs modules as AUv3 inside say AUM or ApeMatrix.

Also I think I read apps in the upcoming iPadOS will work on MacOS.

I bought a Linnstrument a few months ago. I've been playing with a few synths but with Aalto I have begun to understand. I really like it but I like also all the good things that are happening on iOS-land so I'm waiting patiently for Randy to go on his "roadmap".

I opened my late '12 MacBook pro today to delete Logic Pro. It takes precious space on its 128GB flash drive. I did but then I found Garageband and there was Kaivo. I've almost forgotten I had an iPad.
All this just to say anything Madrona Labs on iOS is really welcome.

I've been playing with soft synths for around a year but Aalto has been such a great time since I purchased it... I was looking for a MPE compatible to find a few sounds, forget about the synth and just play the Linnstrument but it is so easy to patch this cable or turn that knob and say "ah" or "oh" that I barely have played the Linnstrument since I got the synth.

It is nice to have everything on one page. Aalto makes experimenting enjoyable and invites to explore both from the default patch or just tweaking some of the many presets already there.

For use with the Linnstrument I've created a new default patch and have been saving the ones I like in new folders changing a few parameters (basically pitch bend to 12 semitones, this works best for me).

Anyway, just wanted to share that I'm very happy with this synth.

To be honest, I don't know whether to post this question here or on the Linnstrument forums. I may end up posting it in both...

Any differences between +1, +2 outputs and their equivalents in MPE mode x, y? Are they still "the two subsequent MIDI CCs (continuous controls) above the value you’ve specified in the mod cc# dial" as stated in the manual?

In the Linnstrument, x is already mapped to pitch and y to mod wheel and they are doing a fine job there but I would like to make use of those two extras modulation sources. Any ideas, suggestions, tips?

To answer myself, a possible outcome would be to split the Linnstrument and make use of its cc faders but I still want to make this modulation on the notes layout.