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@euanek are you logged in?

Also if you have all previous products, the bundle does not really apply.

We're working hard to ship this month. There will be an Early Access version first, then 1.0 with MPE support. Lots more info on Early Access soon.

There's not a way to do this now, but it would be a cool feature to have. I'll put it on the list for the next version.

Aalto and Kaivo work just like other plugins do in Ableton, using MIDI map mode:


The kind of physical modeling I used in Kaivo's body was invented for solving differential equations. These were often electrical - for antenna design for example. More recently people began using them for synthesis. The book Numerical Sound Synthesis by Stefan Bilbao is the definitive guide.

Thanks for the kind words!

I could do this but it might break people's patches! I will have to check.

SInce it's a granulator can't you play things slower, to get a longer duration? If you want to import a longer file, you could make a faster version (upsample) so it fits.

Hi, Vutu on Windows is not ready either, they will come out at the same time.

Sorry for any confusion, we should take it out of the menu.

I plan to make a new model of Soundplane but there's nothing like a timetable for it yet.

Thanks for your interest and meanwhile, enjoy your Linnstrument!

Interesting, I'm always trying to improve compatibility with things like this. thanks for the update.

Glad you're up and running. Enjoy!

hi nate,

I agree this is bad. It will be fixed when the v.2 of all the instruments roll out, hopefully later this year. Thanks for the kind words, and sorry if you lost a patch.


It's what I will be working on immediately after Sumu.

Thanks for sharing. Hopefully we can make sure this all works in the new framework I'm using for Sumu and future instruments. If you want to try it out with Aaltoverb, that should be a good indication!

That's a very fair question but very broad, have you decided what DAW (host) you are using?

(we sorted this out over email)

I have an extra, email me!

Hi 3david3, I would update to 10.14 (Mojave) if you can. It might work on 10.13 but Mojave is the earliest OS version I will be testing.

Thanks so much! Can't wait to get the finished version into your hands.

For sure, I'm very excited to support CLAP.

Hi, I think the 20ms is a lie. (not on purpose) What happened is that preset was made when I had a shorter minimum delay at one point. Then the release version changed the minimum but I didn't change the preset. So it will be clamped to 50ms in reality even though it says 20.

The time had to be a that length because of the pitch tracking if I remember correctly.

Sorry for the confusion—

No news but it's my top priority besides Sumu.

We have updated all of our software instruments—Aalto, Kaivo, and Virta— to version 1.9.5, bringing native Apple Silicon support for M1 and M2 Macs. The new versions are Universal Binaries, which support both Apple Silicon and Intel processors. Users with Apple Silicon computers should be able to run 30% more voices or more, as compared with the previous versions in Rosetta 2 emulation.

This update is free. Installers contain Universal Binaries for both VST2 and Audio Units V2 versions.

Windows versions are unaffected by this update. Aaltoverb, previously released with Apple Silicon support, is also unaffected.

Hi Zef, I didn't see this until now—release in December.

Sorry for the delay in replying. I've been so deep in the coding. Because I'm very busy finishing up and the actual release is quite close now, I've stopped adding people to the beta list so I can focus better. Thanks for your understanding.

This goes from Soundplane directly to norns. A big deal! I did get a Norns so one of these days I can try the combination here and see about maintaining it (does it work on newest MacOS, etc.)

please email me and I'll send you one.

For me too! I'm happy to be near the finish line.

Please chill. I just develop on Mac so things come out first there. Vutu for Windows comes out after Sumu beta.

Helpful ideas, thank you!